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Cartier Carp Clock

Cartier Carp Clock

French jeweler and world-renowned watchmaker Cartier was founded in the Paris in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier.  The name embodies beauty and opulence. 

Headquarters today are still in Paris.  Serving royalty and celebrities for decades is no stranger to Cartier. 

Hailed as “Joaillier des Rois, Roi des Joailliers” (Jeweller to Kings, King of Jewelers) by one of the Princes of Wales.  Supplier of royalty, Cartier made the tiara for King Edward VII who was crowned in 1902 and was subsequently made the supplier to the Royal Court of England.  Cartier is the number one seller of luxury watches in the world.

Cartier and America celebrates the 20th century with an exhibit from the private collection of Cartier shown in San Francisco through May 9th, 2010 organized by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco in partnership with Cartier.  Derived mainly from the private Cartier Collection housed in Geneva, more than 300 objects including jewelry from the Gilded Age and Art Deco eras as well as freestanding works of art such as the Mystery Clocks are included.

The exhibit focuses on jewelry owned by Americans including pieces from famous people such Princess Grace of Monaco lent by H.S.S. Prince Albert II.  Her engagement ring, a 10.47 carat emerald cut diamond set with two baguette diamonds mounted in platinum, a diamond necklace and brooches are on exhibit.

Known for their incredible design and appreciation of art the Fondation Cartier Pour l’Art Contemporain was created in 1984 to promote and raise public awareness of contemporary art and to help artists create and exhibit their work.  The Fondation is located in Paris and was designed by architect Jean Nouvel. 

As part of the Fondation, Soiree Nomades or Nomadic Nights focuses on performing artists linking visual and other forms of artistic expression.  In 2007 Nomadic Nights featured an exhibit in conjunction with American film director David Lynch.

Some of the artists include American artist Sarah Sze who created Everything that Rises Must Converge which is now part of the collection.  American photographer William Eggleston work of the deserts of Utah, California and Arizona who in the following year did a series in Kyoto of his own.  Raymond Depardon sponsored by the foundation and made 10 films dedicated to different cities around the world.

March 11-September 12, 2010 Beat Takeshi Kitano, acclaimed Japanese film director and actor, is the featured artist with his exhibition called Gosse de peintre.  Kitano takes you to a world of bizarre objects, whimsy and imagination through the lens of a child via video and paintings.  Born in Japan in 1947 Katano’as works include Sonatime (1995 Critics Award, Cognac Festival du Film Policier),  Hana-bi (1997 Golden Lion Award, Venice Film Festival), and Zatôichi (2003 Silver Lion Award, Venice Film Festival).