12 Jul 2011

Ballon bleu de Cartier Medium WE902027

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Written by:  Leigh Anne Sanders

Ballon bleu de Cartier watch in yellow gold with diamonds

Ballon bleu in yellow gold with diamonds

The combination of style, grace, and uncompromising quality could not be more clearly seen than in the Ballon bleu de Cartier Medium WE902027.  Individuals who are looking for a watch that is subtle yet clear in its beauty and unmistakable in its sophistication will be absolutely pleased with this timepiece.  With the name Cartier emblazoned on the dial, you may be absolutely assured that this watch is of the highest quality and value for your dollar.

As with most products, there are positives and negatives associated with this watch.  On the negative side, the cost is outside of many people’s price range.  At roughly $31,000 each, it is a serious investment.  Additionally, this watch has a subtle beauty and grace to it.  Many other watches are jazzed up with high-tech features and styled embellishments.  At the opposite end of the spectrum is the Ballon bleu de Cartier Medium WE902027 with its straight-forward design of 18 karat gold, Roman numeral 12, and 11 diamonds.  Those features, however, simultaneously play in to the impressive positives of this watch.

Each model of this timepiece is made of solid gold with a satin sheen.  The watch face is made of sapphire crystal to eliminate glare.  The crown is a simple fluted style, and the sword-shaped hands are made of blued steel.  A silvered and lacquered finish adds a special shine to the watch face.  The watch is water resistant up to 30 meters, which is impressive considering that it is not intended to be a rugged watch.  Each feature is subtle almost to the point of being understated, yet each plays in to the overall grace of the watch.

Individuals who own this watch are sure to find that their purchase is a solid one.  It is certainly one of the more expensive watches on the market, and many may find that they are purchasing a brand name more than anything else.  That being said, the brand name is a sound investment, and the Ballon bleu de Cartier Medium WE902027 is a truly beautiful and high-quality watch.  Those who purchase this watch are sure to find that it is absolutely worth the cost.

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