22 Jan 2012

Ballon Bleu Flying Tourbillon W6920021 Watch Review

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Written by: Phuc (Jen) Huynh

The ballon bleu flying tourbillon W6920021 is a virtuoso watchmaker’s aspiration, leaving the most jaded connoisseur in a state of euphoric reverie to marvel and wonder at. The flying tourbillon feature of this sublime and elegant watch signifies that only the most gifted, ingenious, and qualified watchmaker can craft it. The watch’s complicated mechanism is its own symphony orchestra, just imagine a Mozart gifted in the art of watch making instead of music making and then you can comprehend the genius it requires to bring the movement of this watch to life. This watch is the first timepiece created by Cartier with the Geneva Seal hallmark (which showcases the 9452MC tourbillon movement), elevating Cartier to newer heights in the fine art of watchmaking.

The tourbillon mechanism was developed the French-Swiss watchmaker Abrham-Louis Breguet in 1975. Its purpose is to counter the effects of gravity by mounting an escapement and balance wheel in a rotating case to counteract gravity when the timepiece pinned in a position (hence the term escapement). The flying tourbillon is a derivation of the tourbillon; rather than being supported by a bridge or a cock at either bottom or top, it is cantilevered supported from one side. The Cartier’s flying tourbillon turns on its axis once per minute, with the balance wheel frequency of 21, 600 alternations per hour, and the movement’s power reserve is 50 hours. The mechanism is exposed to demonstrate the finest craftsmanship of a classic watch and timelessly elegant watch.

The Finer Details:

  • Extra Large Model
  • 18K White Gold Case
  • Flying Tourbillon with seconds indicated by “C Shaped” Index Assembly Complication
  • 18K White Gold Circular-Grained Set
  • Slate-Coloure Galvanic Dial with Guilloche Finish
  • Transparent Case with Sapphire Crystal
  • Sun Satin-Finished Grid
  • Roman Numerals
  • Sword-Shaped Blued Steel Hands
  • Alligator Strap
  • 18K White Gold Double Adjustable Deployant Buckle
  • Workshop-Crafted Mechanical Movement with Manual Winding 94520MC Caliber

The Cartier Ballon Bleu signature is a unique crown with a blue sapphire cabochon with a metal arch around it. The dial and the blue sapphire cabochon harmoniously blend together to create a timeless, modern, and futuristic symphony. The crocodile strap is an excellent fit with the watch, contributing to the elegant classic feel of this prestigious watch in a galaxy of its own. You simply cannot compare a watch of this caliber to any other watches besides the variations of textures and colors that are entirely up to whimsical tastes. The depth of how amazing and sublime this masterpiece is beautifully complex and simply indescribable. This is a watch made by the gods of time; this watch should be worn everywhere in any season or occasion. It’ll make you look absolutely spiffy and cultured. After all, you are wearing a watch that should be hung in a museum and preserved for future generations to marvel and admire at.

This watch retails at $99,500.00. It is handmade by cultivated the union of skilled hands and brilliant minds. How much would you pay for a Picasso painting? And yet how can you place a value on divine genius that is rare and cannot be duplicated? The art of watchmaking is no different. This watch is for serious watch connoisseur who understands the intricate beauty of the mechanism of a watch and how special and unique it is. The ballon bleu flying tourbillon W6920021 is the Mount Olympus of perfection and sublime, it is a rare and excellent thing that only a few are ever fortunate to own, wear, and study.


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