27 Nov 2011

Cartier Ballon Bleu W6920027 Quartz Men’s Watch

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Picture of Cartier W6920027 Ballon Bleu

The pale, elegant pink gold of the W6920027 is an unusual and beautiful inclusion to this piece.

Written By: Kaelyn Harding

Luxury items have fallen into similar trends in the way of metals for their products. A silver watch has been seen a hundred times and so have gold. If you are looking for a watch with truly unique materials, consider the new¬†Ballon Bleu W6920027 Quartz Men’s Watch by Cartier.

The smooth curves of this Ballon Bleu model create a sense of elegance that many accessories lack. The face-plate and bracelet are stainless steel, promised never to tarnish or discolor. The knob that operates the dial and the chain links are luxurious chunks of 18 karat pink gold. The band is brushed steel which prevents the collection or grime and smudges due to its texture and makes caring for your W6920027 simple. There are two dials for embedded in the clock face for the date and a sapphire-crystal cover prevents scratches and water damage. marked with large, easy-to-read roman numerals, this Ballon Bleu is as sophisticated as it is eye-catching.

This watch comes with a two year warranty as well as lifetime battery replacement, so rest assured that if you unload the big bucks to purchase this exquisite item, that you won’t have to worry about your timepiece becoming outdated. The traditional silver coloring will make this wristwatch an easy match for most outfits and the pleasantly muted gold will not detract from whatever handsome cuffs accessorize your fine suits. From casual daywear to formal nightwear, the W6920027 is a smart way to go.

So far as drawbacks of this model go – in all honesty, this watch is large. It can easily be seen and is not a very subtle accessory. While this makes the watch very easy to read, it is also very hard to miss. Do not wear this watch unless it is to be the highlight of your arm.

Guys, this watch costs a pretty penny. It is little wonder since the going rate for 18 karat pink gold is at an all-time high. Starting at $7,850, consumers should be aware that this watch is about as expensive as a small savings bond. Depending on where you decide to purchase this piece, the price can decrease from anywhere between 15-20%. Do not expect it to dip much lower, however, as this is still a recent model that has stellar reviews from its purchasers so far.

For the fashion-oriented man with a lot of pocket change, consider this unusual piece for your collection.

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