23 Dec 2011

Cartier La Dona W6400156 Women’s Watch Review

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Written by: Victoria Farina

The Cartier La Dona W6400156 Women’s watch is a unique watch for the modern woman. Its special tonneau asymmetrical case shape and bright red crocodile pattern embossed leather make it look like a real power watch for women. This is a watch that will receive a lot of attention and will be sure to generate a lot of compliments as people cannot help but notice it.

Image of Cartier La Dona W6400156 Women's Watch

The Cartier La Dona makes a statement!

The La Dona collection by Cartier all carry the special tonneau case shape, but come in a wide variety of band colors and styles including silver metal and even pink crocodile! There are also diamond watch versions in this series. This particular model has an 18 karat yellow gold case as well as an 18 karat gold buckle. The dial is silver grained with black roman numerals and blue steel hour and minute hands. The red crocodile embossed leather is shiny and bright. The coloring of this model certainly makes the watch ‘pop’ and it would look very nice paired with a dark suit or black dress as a statement piece. The La Dona W6400156 is also one of the larger models of this watch with a case diameter of 33mm by 28mm. There is a similar version with a smaller case and slightly darker red band.

This watch has all of the high quality features you would expect from Cartier with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial cover and battery operated Cartier Calibre 690 quartz movement. It is also water resistant down to 30 meters or 100 feet. This Cartier La Dona is on the pricey side with prices ranging from between $9,000 to $10,000, which is quite high for a watch that does not include diamonds.

Overall the Cartier La Dona W6400156 is a very stylish and unique attention grabbing watch. It is not a watch for women who want to blend into the background. This watch really makes a statement and is made to be seen and admired. The very modern, almost artsy-looking tonneau case shape is its best feature and makes it interesting to look at. The asymmetrical shape is very unusual and will certainly receive a lot of comments and compliments. The bright red crocodile embossed leather strap grabs your attention and the tonneau case keeps you interested. This is a smart watch which is great for either dress or business attire. The Cartier La Dona is a powerful watch for a powerful woman!


  • Very unique
  • High quality
  • Attention grabbing
  • Expensive for being so simple
  • May stand out too much for certain outfits
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