01 Sep 2010

Cartier Watches Strong Feminine Appeal

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Cartier Watches La Dona Is Luxurious

If you want to buy a new watch, for the convenience of telling time…there are literally thousands to choose from, in all price ranges, but if you are looking to make an investment in a timepiece, you have to look no farther than Cartier watches.  This Royal watch maker is the epitome of fine Swiss watch making.  They not only have a great reputation, they have earned it, and continue to do so, by producing quality crafted watches year after year.  Some of their collections are new, but the vast majority of their watch styles are long standing favorites, which have been updated.  This just goes to show you Cartier’s timeless allure.  The La Dona is one of those classically popular watches, which will just never go out of style.  The La Dona women’s timepieces have a distinct look.  They come in both a small and medium sizing.  Originally inspired by the Mexican Actress of the 1940’s, Maria Felix, the Cartier La Dona has a curvy and feminine architecture.  The soft, smooth sway of the dial is accented by the sharp sword shaped hands.  The La Dona is made from highly polished steel, and features a serpentine type bracelet link.  This is an unusual and sensually alluring women’s watch.

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