Cartier Baignoire White Gold Pave Diamond Watch WB520018 Review

Written by: LJ Hughes Women love class. Women love beauty. Women love jewelry. And you know what else, they love something that enables all those qualities. Now, I know what you are thinking.. How am I supposed to find a product that has three of those things? Well, I have the solution. The Cartier Baignoire.. read more →

Cartier Baignoire W8000002 Review

Written by: Stacy McCullough There are a lot of watches out there to choose from, but not all of them have the quality and name behind it of Cartier’s. Cartier is world-renowned and with good reason. Buying a watch from them means buying high quality, luxurious style and a lavish piece such as the Cartier.. read more →

Cartier Baignoire HP100325 Timepiece

Written by Leslie Foss There are some watches so special, only a select few women will ever own one.  And so it is with the Cartier Baignoire HP100325.  Donatella Versace owns a similar one in gold, and Gerry Halliwell wears one with a satin strap.  But neither owns this exquisite version of the Baignoire.  Not.. read more →

WB520006 Cartier Baignoire Women’s Watch, Small Model Review

The WB520006 Cartier Baignoire Watch, Small Model is a classic reinterpretation of Cartier’s 1913 oval wristwatch. read more →