Cartier La Dona W6400701 Women’s Watch Review

Written by: K.C. Moore The Cartier La Dona W6400701 women’s watch is an excellent watch for a women who is looking for something supremely elegant and refined, that also happens to tell the time.  This beautiful timepiece looks more like a stunning bracelet than a watch, and I’m sure it would make a great addition to any wardrobe... read more →

Ronde Louis Cartier Watch WR000251

Ronde Louis Cartier Watch WR000251 Written by E. Lowry The company describes the Ronde Louis Cartier as having been designed “for people who fall in love with ‘timeless time’.” At first I wasn’t sure what Cartier meant by this, but now I think I do. The silver grained dial is marked with both Roman and.. read more →

Ballon Bleu de Cartier Men’s Watch W6920037

Ballon Bleu de Cartier Men’s Watch W6920037 by E. Lowry This Ballon Bleu Cartier timepiece (W6920037) is very similar to the Ballon Bleu W6900551 in that both are 42 mm in diameter, run on an automatic movement, are water resistant to 30 meters (or 100 feet) and feature gold casings, crowns, and bezels. The primary.. read more →

Ballon Bleu de Cartier Men’s Watch W6900551

Ballon Bleu de Cartier Men’s Watch W6900551 Written by E.Lowry Although the size of this Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch (42 mm) suggests that it is for men, I find it difficult to imagine a man wearing it. This is perhaps because I am not a fan of lots of gold jewelry on a man... read more →

Cartier Delices HPI00459 Women’s Watch Review

Written by: K.C. Moore If you want a watch that looks more like a diamond bracelet than something used to tell the time, then the Cartier Delices HPI00459 women’s watch is exactly the timepiece you’ve been searching for. This watch is positively dripping in diamonds. The band, dial and bezel are all 18K white gold covered.. read more →

Cartier Miss Pasha WJ124014 Women’s Watch Review

Written by: K.C. Moore The Cartier Miss Pasha WJ124014 women’s watch is the epitome of grace and elegance.  This timepiece is perfect for any women looking to ad a sophisticated, timeless accessory to her wardrobe. 18K yellow gold was used to make the bracelet, case and crown of this beautiful timepiece. The dial is silver with.. read more →

Cartier Santos Demoiselle WF9011Z8 Women’s Watch Review

Written by: K.C. Moore Cartier describes the Cartier Santos Demoiselle WF9011Z8 Women’s watch as, “A tribute to Santos-Dumont’s famous aeroplane called ”The Demoiselle”. Energy, elegance and refinement for women with character.”   I think Cartier really hit the nail on the head with that description.  The solid 18K pink gold case and bracelet demonstrate the watches value.. read more →

Cartier Pasha WJ11963G Ladies Watch Review

Written by: K.C. Moore The Cartier Pasha WJ11963G ladies watch is the ideal combination of refined masculinity and feminine elegance. The black leather alligator strap is reminiscent of a bulkier, more dapper men’s timepiece, while the 18K rose gold case keeps the watch looking sleek and feminine. The Cartier Pasha WJ11963G actually comes with two different straps, the original alligator.. read more →

Pasha WJ 11913G Review

by Elizabeth Lowry Anyone for a unisex watch? The Pasha WJ 11913G was originally intended for men—it is chunkier than the related Miss Pasha line of timepieces—but it is graceful and versatile enough to be unisex. Now that it is fashionable for women to wear larger watches than they used to, it’s probably about time.. read more →

Cartier Santos Dumont W2009351 Review

by Elizabeth Lowry The Santos Dumont W2009351 from Cartier’s Santos collection has a colorful history and I believe that it is a candidate for an equally colorful future. To begin with, this watch was named after Alberto Santos Dumont (1873-1932) a well-known Brazilian aviator of the early twentieth century. At that time, men typically wore.. read more →