Cartier WE801131 Women’s Love Rose Gold Diamond Watch Review

Written by: John Parker For anyone who wants a watch that will make an impression, the Cartier WE801131 Love Rose Gold Diamond Watch is a fabulous option. Cartier, of course, is synonymous with luxurious style, sumptuous materials and impeccable detailing. The WE801131 is no exception to Cartier’s tradition of excellence. This timepiece is water-resistant to.. read more →

Women’s Watch, Cartier Tank Francaise Model WE104531

Written By: Caitlin Rojas This absolutely breathtaking watch is luxurious and indulgent, even for Cartier. The WE104531, of the Tank Francaise line, is made of an 18 Karat Gold Dial, a Diamond encrusted bezel, and a Satin strap. The delicate band and slim, feminine rectangular shape makes it an elegant fit on the wrist of a.. read more →

Cartier Santos Demoiselle 18k Yellow Gold Ladies Watch W25063X9

Written By: Caitlin Rojas This classic, stunning design from Cartier is a prime example of why they are one of the biggest names in the business, and certainly, one of the most luxurious, well thought of names. Made of 18K Yellow Gold, The Cartier Santos Demoiselle, W25063X9, is a classic, stylish design that has no.. read more →

Cartier Pasha Seatimer Lady Medium Women’s Watch W3140004

Written by: Stevanie Medearis This lovely watch is wrapped with pink gold and steel, as well as a rubber strap. Just like you will find in its name, this watch is perfect for outings on the sea. However, it is quite versatile -this watch is waterproof for up to 330 feet and classy for the.. read more →

Tank Solo Women’s Gold watch- W5200004

The Cartier Tank Solo W5200004 by Cartier is true to the Tank Solo style, mixing classic and modern. With its style it promises a great look, with quality materials. Everything about this watch is high quality. The watch case is made with 18kt yellow gold with a steel backing, and has water resistance.  The dial.. read more →

Cartier Tank Solo 18kt Gold Men’s Watch- W1018855

The appeal of a watch such as this one is knowing that you are getting a watch of superb quality and made of fine materials. The Cartier Tank Solo W1018855  is undoubtedly a great looking watch. With this watch you can expect that you are getting an amazing product, and, I am pleased to say,.. read more →

Cartier Délices Women’s Watch W8100003 Review

Review by Kaitlin Young While there are some watches that hold a unisex appeal, the Cartier Délices W8100003 is nothing but feminine. From the curvaceous shape to the 18K rose gold material this watch is girly and sweet, but not without intrigue. The ovular 18K rose gold case is set with a lacquered silver dial... read more →

Cartier Santos Galbée Women’s Watch W20012C4 Review

Review by Kaitlin Young The Cartier Santos Galbée W20012C4 is a timepiece that completes any elegant casual look. This is a two-toned timepiece that contrasts the strength of brushed stainless steel with the glamor of 18K gold. The 18K gold fixed bezel is set with a white, opaline dial that is adorned with blue metallic,.. read more →

Cartier Ronde Solo Women’s Watch W6700355

Written By: Ben Miller The Cartier Ronde Solo Women’s  Watch W6700355 is an ideal watch for the serious woman who wants a serious designer watch. The Ronde Solo doesn’t rely on diamonds or minimalist design to convey its elegance. Instead it uses a body of gold, a dial of silver and a full display of markers to express its superiority.. read more →

Cartier Tortue Perpetual Calendar Watch W1580004

Written by:  Leigh Anne Sanders Classic elegance meets modern style in this gorgeous Cartier Tortue Perpetual Calendar Watch W1580004, and is the ideal choice for any woman looking for the height of functionality and fashion. Cartier has long been a name that is associated with luxury and sophistication.  Women who pride themselves on staying at the.. read more →