Cartier Ronde Solo W6701005 Men’s Watch: Perfectly

Perfectly round flanked by perfectly straight, the Cartier Ronde Solo W6701005 men’s watch blends a classical look with some carefully understated modern design to create a straightforward timepiece with such boldness that it demands appreciation. It is a fairly simple watch that rejects ostentation but still draws notice. It’s this subtle but unmistakable contrast of.. read more →

Cartier Santos Dumont Men’s Watch W2008751: Review

Cartier’s Santos Dumont W2008751 Men’s Watch proves a modern look can also be timeless. According to Cartier’s website, the first watch produced of this model was a gift to a famed Brazilian aviation pioneer named Santos-Dumont. That was in 1904, and though the watch has a classic Cartier air to it, its square shape still.. read more →