Cartier Miss Pasha WJ124021 Watch Review

Written by Lindsey Cook Looking for a watch that makes classy cute?  The Miss Pasha WJ124021 by Cartier finds that perfect combination in a timepiece to add fearless fun to your already fine fashion. This timeless pink gold and stainless steel ladies’ watch is among the many favorites in Cartier’s long line of quality watches. .. read more →

Cartier Miss Pasha W3140008: Jewelery Band with Pink Metallic Face

Written By: Christine Texeira Cartier is a brand associated with quality jewelery, so it only makes sense that adding function to that jewelery would result in elegant timepieces. The bracelet band is pulled off beautifully in Cartier’s Miss Pasha W3140008. The stainless steel band is made up of angled links that connect at a deployment.. read more →

Cartier Women’s W3140007 Miss Pasha Small Watch Review

Written By: Camille Hansen If you are searching for a watch with simplistic design and Swiss workmanship then take a look at the Cartier Women’s W3140007 Miss Pasha Small watch. This lady’s watch holds up to the Cartier tradition of combining classical design with modern elements added in. The silver dial with stainless steel bezel.. read more →