Ronde Louis Cartier Watch WR000251

Ronde Louis Cartier Watch WR000251 Written by E. Lowry The company describes the Ronde Louis Cartier as having been designed “for people who fall in love with ‘timeless time’.” At first I wasn’t sure what Cartier meant by this, but now I think I do. The silver grained dial is marked with both Roman and.. read more →

Cartier Ballon Bleu Silver Dial Watch W6900456

There are thousands of unisex watches out there and you can never tell if it is going to look good on your wrist. Why would something that may fit a woman look great on a man or vice versa? Now there is a company that really does make a unisex watch – one that seems.. read more →

Cartier Ballon Bleu WE900151 Review

Written by: Lisa Pearson The name Cartier is synonymous with affluence, luxury, and only the highest quality luxury goods and jewelry. Purchasing a Cartier piece can be a life-altering event as you will most certainly be taken with its beauty, quality and the lavishness of each piece. If you have a special someone in your.. read more →

Cartier Love 18kt Rose Gold Ladies Watch WE801331 Review

Written by: Victoria Farina The Cartier Love 18 karat Rose Gold Ladies Watch WE801331 is aptly named because it has just enough special features to make any woman fall in love. The overall look of this watch is very elegant and graceful, almost romantic. It has an 18 karat rose gold bezel fixed with 18.. read more →

Cartier Santos Demoiselle 18k Yellow Gold Ladies Watch W25063X9

Written By: Caitlin Rojas This classic, stunning design from Cartier is a prime example of why they are one of the biggest names in the business, and certainly, one of the most luxurious, well thought of names. Made of 18K Yellow Gold, The Cartier Santos Demoiselle, W25063X9, is a classic, stylish design that has no.. read more →

Cartier Délices Women’s Watch W8100003 Review

Review by Kaitlin Young While there are some watches that hold a unisex appeal, the Cartier Délices W8100003 is nothing but feminine. From the curvaceous shape to the 18K rose gold material this watch is girly and sweet, but not without intrigue. The ovular 18K rose gold case is set with a lacquered silver dial... read more →

The La Dona, Cartier Watches Most Feminine Creation

If you have decided to spoil your wife this year for Christmas, you probably want to take a look at this fabulous Cartier watch.  Cartier is a premier watch maker and has been so for nearly 150 years.  As the jeweler to Kings, Cartier watches remind us of royalty and luxury. The Cartier Watches La.. read more →

Cartier Roadster Woman’s Watch

The Roadster, by Cartier is one of those beautiful women’s watches that never goes out of style.  The Roadster women’s watch is an heirloom piece, with contemporary lines and sophisticated architecture.  The Cartier model W62017V3 features a soft pink dial, with guilloche styling.  Exquisite Roman numerals adorn the face, while a magnified crystal accents the.. read more →

10 Dec 2010
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Fall In Love With Cartier Watches

Only a select few watch makers have a name, which exudes such opulence, as Cartier watches.  This French born jeweler began creating bracelet watches for women in 1888, and has continued to turn out the most fascinating designs.  While that first women’s timepiece was groundbreaking, today’s Cartier watches offer just as much glamour and appeal... read more →

Cartier Watches Strong Feminine Appeal

If you want to buy a new watch, for the convenience of telling time…there are literally thousands to choose from, in all price ranges, but if you are looking to make an investment in a timepiece, you have to look no farther than Cartier watches.  This Royal watch maker is the epitome of fine Swiss.. read more →