Cartier Women’s W5200013 Tank Solo Small Watch Review

Written by: Camille Hansen Being on the run can make life hectic and with all the events that consume a woman’s time, what better way to keep it organized than the stylish Cartier Women’s W5200013 Tank Solo Small Watch? In the making of this elegant watch, Cartier’s fine workmanship builds from a foundation of classical values.. read more →

Cartier Tank Francaise Men’s Automatic Watch W51002Q3

Review by Kaitlin Young Cartier is undoubtedly one of the most renowned watchmakers in the world, and Cartier’s Tank collection is the company’s most popular line of timepieces. The Tank Francaise W51002Q3, like all the watches in the Tank series, was originally inspired by the Allied Tank forces fighting in Europe during WWI. Looking at.. read more →

Ballon Bleu de Cartier Extra-Large Chronograph w6920063 Review

Written by: Travis Farris Cartier has been making luxury watches for over century, so anything from them is sure to be a high-quality product with functionality, aesthetic appeal, and a price tag to match. The Ballon Bleu line is relatively recent, only about 4 years old, but the Ballon Bleu de Cartier Extra-Large Chronograph w6920063 is.. read more →

Cartier Roadster Woman’s Watch

The Roadster, by Cartier is one of those beautiful women’s watches that never goes out of style.  The Roadster women’s watch is an heirloom piece, with contemporary lines and sophisticated architecture.  The Cartier model W62017V3 features a soft pink dial, with guilloche styling.  Exquisite Roman numerals adorn the face, while a magnified crystal accents the.. read more →

10 Dec 2010
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