Cartier Santos 100 Men’s Watch W2020004 Review

Written by: Victoria Farina The Cartier Santos 100 men’s watch W2020004 is both gorgeous and indestructible! This is a high-end luxury watch which can endure the perils of adventure and keep you looking ultra stylish at the same time. It exudes quality and luxury while also looking cool, laid back and savvy, not flashy. It.. read more →

Cartier Men’s W2020010 Santos 100 Titanium Watch Review

Written by: John Parker Some men could probably use a watch made of legendarily durable rhinoceros skin. But the rhinoceros is quite attached to its skin (and is a critically endangered animal), so they’ll have to make due with the sumptuous but dependable Cartier Men’s W2020010 Santos 100 Titanium Watch. A durable, unique (and expensive).. read more →