11 Jul 2011

Calibre de Cartier Pink Gold Watch w7100018

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Written by Devin McCarthy

For those looking for a men’s watch that provides quality and style for a lifetime, look no further then the Calibre de Cartier Pink Gold Watch w7100018.

Calibre de Cartier Watch in Pink GoldCartier is synonymous with handcrafted products that are timeless in design. The Calibre de Cartier Pink Gold Watch is no exception. The Calibre has a classic styled face with a modern twist. The XII is slightly recessed and the numbers are easy to read. The color of the face is available in white and brown. The timepiece features the new handmade 1904 MC automatic winding mechanism (designed and made in house). Any movements made by the wearer will wind the spring and keep the watch perfectly timed. The backup battery will keep the watch going for 10 days without winding.

The Calibre de Cartier Pink Gold Watch will look good on your wrist whether you are out on the town or playing gold. The watch feels perfectly balanced and fits you from the moment you put it on.The Mechanism for the Calibre de Cartier Watch

The watch is made almost entirely of 18 Karat Pink Gold. Starting with 24 Karat gold, which is too soft to use for a watch, the Swiss watchmakers mix it with copper to created a stunning color that stands out. Pink gold is rare and is difficult to create.

The price may prohibit some, but the Calibre de Cartier Pink Gold Watch is made with such care and quality its will last for generations. Its classic styling will make it an amazing status symbol for a long time.

The Calibre is also available in Steel and a Pink Gold Case with Leather straps.

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