01 Dec 2011

Cartier Calibre Steel W7100013 Men’s Watch Review

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Written by Andrew Hilbert

An image of the Cartier Calibre Steel W7100013 Men’s Watch Review

The Cartier Calibre Steel W7100013 Men’s Watch

The Cartier Calibre Steel W7100013 men’s watch is an elegant addition to any man’s watch collection. Cartier is known for their brilliance in creating quality luxury items that is as fashionable as they are tasteful and useful. It adds to any suit and fits most any occasion; from speaking at a professional seminar or just winding down after work at a bar, this watch is wonderful.

This watch retails at US $7,100 but a quick search on Google yields significant price savings. You can find this watch for as low as $6,400. While a little on the expensive side, this watch is well worth the cost because it comes packed with so much value and it looks great too.

This model of the Calibre Steel watch features a black leather strap with a turtle shell like texture. It is a very comfortable piece that feels as good to wear as it looks. It is designed minimally but with lots of style. There are roman numerals on the hour markers from hours one to three and nine to twelve so basically the top half of the watch face. Hours four through eight are marked with gray rectangles. Minutes are denoted with numbers every five minutes and lines in between. It is a very minimal design but extremely elegant and high class looking because of its simplicity. It has a stainless steel case that can withstand regular wear and tear but this is definitely not a watch you will want to go rock climbing with; it’s just too good looking to test it to the limits. It also houses a sapphire, scratch resistant crystal and a beautiful white dial. This watch is also water proof up to ninety nine feet but I definitely would not go swimming with it.

Since Cartier’s very inception, Cartier has been dedicated to making finely crafted jewelry and timepieces. Their history is a long line and wide range of royal customers. With this kind of history, you know that you are getting a fine watch that will work as well as it looks. This watch goes nicely with anything in your wardrobe and can work in any number of environments stylistically. You will never feel out of place with this watch and you will probably catch yourself checking the time more often than you used to just because it is such a nice piece to admire. The Cartier Calibre Steel W7100013 would be a fine addition to any man’s wardrobe and should not be overlooked.

Of course, the only downside to this watch is its high price but if you do have the budget for this kind of watch, the Calibre Steel should not be overlooked. Its simple elegance is well worth the purchase and you will not regret it.

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