10 Sep 2010

Do Real Men Wear Cartier Watches?

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Men Love Cartier Watches

Do real men wear Cartier watches?  Of course they do, and why? Because Cartier knows what it takes to make a great watch, and a great impression.  Men and women, alike desire luxury, but also want a watch that associates them with sophistication and class…Cartier does this, like no one else. 

Unlike many of their counter parts, such as TAG Heuer, who makes sport luxury watches, which are large and full of functions and flash, Cartier watches are sleek and refined, offering a more subtle look and traditional appeal.

If you have the budget of say $2,500, you can pick up a handsome Cartier Tank Men’s timepiece, and never look back.  This watch will be perfect in the boardroom.  It offers an understated elegance and style, which is unmistakable.  There is no pretence, with Cartier, just chic design and cultured history. 

So, if you only have the means to purchase one great watch, and you want it to be the right one…make it a Cartier watch.  With over 150 years of watch making in their back pocket and the jewelry expertise background, you can’t go wrong.  No matter, which model you choose, the choice will be appropriate, and it will be one you will be pleased with for many years to come.

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