Cartier Roadster Chronograph Extra Large Steel Men’s Watch W62019X6 Review

Written By: Jessica Mangiameli Searching for the perfect luxury watch can almost seem like an impossible mission at times.  The men’s Cartier Roadster Chronograph extra large steel watch is a classic time piece sure to make any man arrive on time in style. This classic design was inspired by the dashboard of racing cars from.. read more →

Cartier Santos 100 W20072X7 Large Model Watch Review

Written by Lindsey Cook The Cartier Santos 100 W20072X7 may seem rather like an intricate block of gold and steel, however this centennial watch is much more, yet another excellent display of the fine craftsmanship of Cartier. Created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Santos de Cartier watch, this particular model is bold and.. read more →

Cartier Love WE800931 Ladies Watch Review – Watched with Love

Written by Lindsey Cook With a unique look and a bold fashion the Cartier Love WE800931 ladies watch belongs to one of Cartier’s favorite collections and is a simply styled yet elegant tribute to the allure of love itself. The simple boldness of this gold and black watch manages to sway between classy chic and.. read more →

Ballon Bleu de Cartier W6900256 Review

Written by: Kimberly Lavoie If you’re looking for a simple, yet subtly complex luxury timepiece for yourself or a loved one, this Ballon Bleu de Cartier small ladies’ watch is worth a look, and a double take. At first glance one sees the beautiful curved lines of this gold-toned watch, then you see the difference.. read more →

The Cartier Tank Americaine 18kt White Gold Ladies Watch W2601956: Modest Elegance

Written by: Joseph Winn If you are looking for a designer watch on the more expensive side of the market, you may be suspecting that you will find a lot of sparkle and décor. The Cartier Tank Americaine 18kt White Gold Ladies Watch W2601956 does not match with a glittery idea of glamour. The truth.. read more →

Tank Louis Cartier W1560002 Men’s Watch Review

Written by: Victoria Farina The Tank Louis Cartier W1560002 is the perfect timepiece for a man who appreciates a sense of history in his style. This is a classic and attractive watch and is a relic of an important time in history. ‘House of Cartier’ was originally a jewelry boutique founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois.. read more →

The Cartier Pasha Women’s Watch model WJ123121 Review: Blue, blue, blue.

Written by: Joseph Winn I must say that blue is not a color I think of when I think to myself of an upper tier watch and Cartier seems to disagree. Perhaps they know many people like the color blue and in that they are right. If you want a high-end watch and you want.. read more →

The Cartier Roadster Quartz Women’s Watch WE500160: Vroom, ladies.

  Written by: Joseph Winn Once in a while, I see one of those old open-top roadsters rolling around town or puttering through the curves of ocean-cliff roads of California. They call back to a time of racing goggles and long, flowing fenders. The Cartier Roadster Quartz Women’s Watch WE500160 takes on a look that.. read more →

Cartier Men’s W62020X6 Roadster Steel Automatic Chronograph Watch Review

Written by: Victoria Farina The Cartier Men’s W62020X6 Roadster Steel Automatic Chronograph Watch is a truly a classic, as far as men’s watches go. It is at once both rugged and refined. This watch does not need to stand out, does not require flashiness or bling to express its quality. It is like the strong, silent.. read more →

Delices de Cartier W8100011 Ladies’ Watch Review

Written by: Victoria Farina Incredibly unique and avant garde, the Delices De Cartier W8100011 ladies’ watch is a work of art to behold. There is nothing about this watch that is not special; from the fluid oval shape of the gold case to the satin strap this watch exudes elegance and audacity. The oval case.. read more →