25 Aug 2011

Cartier Miss Pasha W3140008: Jewelery Band with Pink Metallic Face

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Written By: Christine Texeira

Cartier is a brand associated with quality jewelery, so it only makes sense that adding function to that jewelery would result in elegant timepieces. The bracelet band is pulled off beautifully in Cartier’s Miss Pasha W3140008.

The stainless steel band is made up of angled links that connect at a deployment clasp. The deployment clasp keeps this stunning watch on and visible when you want it to be, and comes off easily when you don’t. The sleek lines of the band surround a surprisingly large and round case. The fixed bezel is wide around a smaller, pink face. The face seems rather barren,  but actually includes a few subtle guidelines for telling time. The only hour markers fall at three o’clock, six o’clock, nine o’clock, and twelve o’clock, but the thin square tucked neatly within these four numbers actually includes notches for each minute. Black etched lines extend from the corners of this square in a windmill-like pattern to further guide in discerning the hours. The most critical component in marking time effectively is the hands, which on Cartier’s Miss Pasha W3140008 contrast with the face so remarkably they would be impossible to miss. Diamond-shaped and bright blue steel, the hour and minute hands stand out significantly against the metallic pink face.

The pink is maintained in the crown, which exists to the right side of the case. The crown is steel and set with pink synthetic spinel cabochon. The man-made spinel has been  smoothed and polished, rather than faceted to look like a gem. This added feature extends the diameter of the case by 5.5mm.

Cartier is not just a name with faith in craftsmanship attached to it, it is a brand that still works with talented watch makers to ensure reliable movements and accurate time. Other features with this Miss Pasha model are its sapphire crystal face, which is anti-reflective and resistant to scratching in order to keep your watch easy to read at all times; Swiss-quartz movement of the highest quality; and the ability to resist the impact of water to a depth of 100 feet, or 30 meters, which makes this a perfect watch to keep on in the shower or swimming in a pool, but not a watch for serious snorkelers or divers.

Bracelet band is a lovely example of Cartier quality jewelery
Face is subdued and not overly busy

Minute marking square is tiny and distracts from easily seeing the hour hand
Pink might not be your color
Wide crown and inset bring the case diameter from 27mm to 32.5mm

The pink and blue combination might not be the best match for all potential buyers, so feel free to take a look at the Miss Pasha W3140007 for an even more subtle silver metallic face, and a blue synthetic spinel cabochon to match the watch hands.

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