19 Aug 2011

Cartier Pasha Seatimer Collection Watch W3140001

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Cartier Pasha Seatimer Collection Women's Watch W3140001

Cartier Pasha Seatimer Collection Ladies Watch

Written by: Robin Comita

Although this watch is elegant and luxurious to the eye, do not let the Cartier Pasha Seatimer timepiece fool you. It is also durable and designed for optimum water resistance.

The Pasha watch takes its name from an encounter with the Pasha of Marrakech in the mid-1930’s. The Pasha of Marrakech ordered a waterproof watch from Cartier that would allow him to swim in his pool and not lose track of the time. Thus, the first waterproof watch was created by Cartier, but it was in the style of a Tank watch and did not look like the Pasha collection today. Decades later, the Pasha collection was created with excellent water resistance and was named in honor of the customer who ordered their first water resistant watch. By the 1980’s, the Pasha had become a fashionable accessory item.

Although the Pasha has been adapted over time, the Pasha Seatimer shares several features in common with the original. The Pasha Seatimer has Arabic numerals, a crown cap and a round dial like the original Pasha. However, it also employs modern materials to increase its life expectancy and durability. Although the watch’s strap appears to be made of links, it is coated with rubber. Beneath the white rubber coating is a steel bracelet. Both of these materials aid with water resistance and help keep your watch in the best possible condition.

The watch’s case is steel as well and sports a fixed bezel. The stylish bezel is 18k pink gold and has white engraved Arabic numerals for a highly legible watch. The dial shows numbers twelve, three, six and nine with a small date aperture between the four and five o’clock marks. A black line marks each hour without a numeral so you will not have to estimate the time. There are two diamond shaped hands, an hour and a minute hand, above which the Cartier name is written.

The dial also has the Swiss Made trademark below the six o’clock mark. This logo ensures that your watch has primarily been manufactured and assembled in Switzerland and has passed through their rigorous standards and testing.

The Pasha Seatimer’s face is made of sapphire crystal which is the finest type of crystal used in watches. Sapphire crystal is three times stronger than mineral crystal and 2o times more durable than acrylic crystal, so your watch is unlikely to break. The face is also incredibly scratch resistant as only diamonds can cut sapphire crystal.

This watch is not only magnificent to look at but it is a wonder to wear!

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