03 Jan 2012

The Cartier Pasha Women’s Watch model WJ123121 Review: Blue, blue, blue.

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Front of Cartier Pasha Women's Watch WJ123121

This Cartier has a poppy blue look to attract the younger crowd.

Written by: Joseph Winn

I must say that blue is not a color I think of when I think to myself of an upper tier watch and Cartier seems to disagree. Perhaps they know many people like the color blue and in that they are right. If you want a high-end watch and you want it to be blue—and not jazzy blue, but popping blue—then Cartier has the Pasha Women’s Watch model WJ123121.

The powder blue of the Pasha watch can be found in the face of the watch and even the leather strap. The strap has a lizard-like scaling to its texture that brings to mind a neon fluorescent light shining upon the tail of a pet chameleon. The watch has a generally poppy feel, but not an entirely modern look. At first glance, it may look like it belongs to the 1980s or 1990s. The numerals on the watch catch your eye right away with big and fun 3, 6, 9 and 12 in Arabic styling.

Looking beyond the pop look of the watch, some true high materials can be found. The Pasha’s case is 18k white gold, and the crown is as well 18k white gold with a diamond. Eight round-cut diamonds also appear around the dial of the watch between the large Arabic numerals. Time is kept by high quality quartz movement and the window protecting the blue dial and diamonds is scratch-resistant sapphire.  Other features of the watch are more of the standard variety, including water resistance to a depth of 30m and the ability to interchange straps with Cartier’s other strap choices available for this line of watches.


  • 18k White Gold
  • Precise Quartz Movement
  • Young styling on a high-end watch
  • Very bold, blue look
  • Round cut diamonds on the dial


  • Price
  • Styling feels somewhat dated
  • May be too cute for some

This is a young feeling watch, maybe even leaning towards the teen side of style. There are some nice design choices,

Face of Cartier Pasha W3140002

The Pasha line has other dial options if blue is not the right look for you

such as the way the black diamond-shaped watch hands cut across the large Arabic numerals, but the leather print strap and the way the numerals bleed into the edge of the casing does not feel as sophisticated. If you like the look of the watch, but aren’t sure about the chosen blue color, then you may want to try out the other Pasha models that Cartier have. Some increase the glitter to even greater levels, but hold back on the color end.

The parts of the Cartier Pasha WJ123121 are nice, but it’s hard to see the high-end at first glance. This watch may just be case of the look overshadowing the parts.

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