21 Jun 2012

Calibre De Cartier Flying Tourbillon Leather Strap W7100003 Review

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Written by: LJ Hughes

The Calibre De Cartier Flying Tourbillon Leather Strap W7100003 exudes the perfect mixture of authenticity and futuristic in a way only Cartier can do. If you are someone who enjoys the authentic things, look no further. This timepiece portrays authenticity perfectly. And not just that, oh no. The Calibre De Cartier also portrays a hint of the futuristic life. 

“Featuring striking silhouettes, inventive graphic designs, spectacular volumes and Cartier-made movements, this collection elevates great Cartier classics to the rank of authentic examples of fine watchmaking.”


The case is made up of 18k white gold, with a heptagonal crown set with a faceted sapphire, ‘guiloche’ galvonic slate-colored dial, open work satin-finish silvered grid with a sunray effect. The numbers around the timepiece are Arabic numerals and a black transfer Roman numeral. The band material has a leather, alligator pattern, with a double adjustable deployment buckle made up of 18k white gold. 

Can the W7100003 get any better? Why, yes.. yes it can.
Is this watch for men or women? Well, no type of jewelry is suited for one specific sex. However, this watch is preferred for men.
What are the functions of this watch? The functions of this watch are minutes, hours, and tourbillon.
The hands are blue. Are they made of something special? Actually yes. The hands are luminescent sword shaped hands, made up of sapphire.
What is the case size? The case is 45 millimeters.
How thick is the case? The case is 10.8 millimeters thick.
Okay, this all sounds good. But, is the Calibre De Cartier water resistant? Do not worry one bit. Cartier would not dare make such a good looking watch without adding in some water resistant. This timepiece has a water resistant of 100 meters/300 feet.
So, it’s water resistant. But, what does 100 millimeters/300 feet exactly mean? Well, it means that this authentic grabbing watch is suitable for swimming and shallow snorkeling. However, it is not made for diving.  

Why you should get it?

  • Unique style
  • Comfortable
  • Authentic look
  • Scratch resistant

Why you shouldn’t get it?

  • Hard to tell time
  • No date displayed
  • Not flashy

Let’s face it. The Calibre De Cartier Flying Tourbillon Leather Strap W7100003 fulfills the needs of any authentic seeker. With it’s alligator leather strap and 18k white cold case, this timepiece brings the past and future into our present. We should be grateful. And you know what else, you can purchase it online here: Cartier. Believe me, this is the watch for you.

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