27 Jan 2012

Captive de Cartier Small Model Watch WG600006 Review

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Written by Laura Rensing

Ever felt captive to the ticking clock?  Cartier’s Captive De Cartier Womens 18k Gold and Diamond Bezel Watch Silver Guilloché Dial wg600006 seeks to stop time with its brilliant design.

Cartier prides itself on making each watch a unique work of art and this particular timepiece is no different.  The Captive Watch Collection combines a chic and subtle shimmer to draw the eye, while the bold lines on the dial seem to ensure that the time itself stays a mystery.

Just as no Cartier jewel is left unpolished, the Captive Collection is aptly named as it uses a multitude of materials to capture the light.  More of a work of art than a time telling tool, the slight shimmer of the champagne-colored “toile brossée” watchband and the subtle sheen of the silver guilloché dial only serve to heighten the beautiful shine of the round diamonds surrounding the clock face.  Even the bold black lines on the dial imitate a sunburst, emphasizing how much this watch outshines its competitors.   All of these elements work together to create and alluring, but not overpowering product that won’t outshine its owner.

 Feature Summary

  • 18K yellow gold case
  • A sparkling array of diamonds
  • Toile brossée strap
  • Quartz movement
  • Water resistant to 30 meters/100 feet
  • Scratch proof sapphire crystal
  • Silvered guillochéd dial


According to Cartier’s product description of the watch, the Captive Collection “cultivates the mystery surrounding its enigmatic form”, and that is certainly true if you are trying to tell the time.  The lack of numbers, disproportionate spacing, and arching lines couples with the incredibly tiny hands severely inhibits readability, making this watch more fashionable than functional.


If you like the idea of this small, yet stunning watch, but want a little more bang for your buck, Cartier also offers a larger version of this model.  Both the large and small versions are available in the pink gold or white gold with a silver or darker wrist band depending on the model (model numbers WG600011 WG600008, WG600007, WG600010, and WG600012).

The Captive series still shimmers in pink, yellow, and white gold.

Though Cartier claims that this watch is desirable for its mystery, it’s no secret why a woman would want to “capture” this watch and add it to her own collection.  As brilliant as it is unique, the Cartier Captive De Cartier Womens 18k Gold And Diamond Bezel Watch Silver Guilloché Dial wg600006 is designed to make every woman shine as brilliantly as the diamonds set around the dial.

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