03 Feb 2012

Cartier Baignoire Lady’s Watch W8000007 Review

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By: Kevin Hatton

The Baignoire W8000007 lady’s watch from Cartier is a dainty oval shaped piece with Cartier calibre 057 quartz movement. The original Cartier Baignoire lady’s watch was first released 1913 and the design has changed little since then. The case and fixed bezel are made from 18 kt rose gold and the octagonal crown is 18 kt rose gold embedded with a faceted sapphire.  The dimensions of the pink gold case are 31.6×24.5 mm and is 8.2 mm thick. The silver sun ray dial uses large black roman numerals and what Cartier describe as blue sword shaped hour and minute hands. Surrounding these parts is a solid case back and a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The strap is a brown alligator skin leather with an 18 kt gold ardillion tang style clasp. This watch is water resistant up to 30 meters or 99 feet.


Cartier, a renowned French jeweler and watchmaker, exemplifies excellence in craftsmanship and this addition to their Baignoire collection is no different. The design is elegant and smooth exuding feminine class. The small lightweight design and use of clean lines gives this simple timepiece a very attractive look and the use of textured alligator skin leather for the strap gives it an attractive and comfortable feel. There is an exquisite attention to detail indicated by the sapphire embedded into the octagon shaped crown matching the blue hour and minute markers. The small oval shape of the case and the use of large black roman numerals accentuate the small size but do make the dial appear cramped and slightly difficult to read as the roman numerals bleed together around the narrow curves. The lack of a second hand or any sort of calendar are minor details that do no harm to the watch.


This is a jewelry watch. It has one function and is expertly crafted to perform this one simple function. There is no need for this watch to be enhanced with anymore features however practical and functional they may be. The pink gold, the sapphire, and the alligator skin leather are the most enticing aspects of this watch manufactured by a jeweler. The color scheme of silver, pink gold, soft brown and a few hints of a bright and deep blue is conducive to most occasions making this watch very wearable even if the excessive price suggests anything by casual. The price tag, dangling around the the 9 grand mark is reflective of the decorative purpose of the materials with not much focus on functionality making this a nice option for formal occasions. However, the design is such that it could be just as easily worn in an everyday capacity.

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