09 Mar 2012

Cartier Baignoire W8000002 Review

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Written by: Stacy McCullough There are a lot of watches out there to choose from, but not all of them have the quality and name behind it of Cartier’s. Cartier is world-renowned and with good reason. Buying a watch from them means buying high quality, luxurious style and a lavish piece such as the Cartier Baignoire W8000002 Midsize Watch.

The Baignoire is a watch that could be unisex – its oval shaped case measures 44mm top to bottom, 34mm across and is 10mm thick. This makes it a large watch for most women or a average – small watch on men. This case is made out of polished 18k rose gold and is solid. You wouldn’t expect anything less of Cartier. One of the most beautiful touches on this watch is the detail of the crown that is also 18k rose gold. It is topped with a small circular piece of faceted sapphire and is one of the finishing pieces that make this watch. The dial is silver and shows off the Roman Numerals that will be sure to keep you on time.  The W8000002 watch comes with Cartier’s classic sword shaped hands in a hue of blue.  The case is topped off with a Sapphire crystal window that you could find to be rather scratch-resistant. While the Sapphire can still scratch in extreme conditions, every day wear and tear should not damage the window. The strap on the Baignoire is brown leather with a crocodile pattern that closes with a buckle. It measures 6.5” inches long, which is a little small for a man. Even though the watch is water-resistant up to 30m, a leather strap is not. You will want to take care in treating the leather to ensure that it remains in prime condition. This watch is brought together with a Manual Winding Movement. This means that gears move to keep the watch on time. It may not be as accurate as quartz, but most classic watch lovers considered manual the only way.


  • Manual Winding Movement
  • Solid 18k Rose Gold
  • Water Resistant 30m


  • Expensive
  • Beware for Counterfeits

The Baignoire retails for $17,000.  This price tag may be steep, but it is because of the quality and respect that comes with being a Cartier. If you like this watch, but feel like something is missing you may want to try these similar styles: WB520009 in white gold with diamonds, the W8000001 in white gold and the W8000013 large Baignoire in yellow gold. Cartier’s Baignore W8000002 is a beautiful watch that can adorn any person. If you can afford it, it is a high quality watch sure to last.

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