13 Jan 2012

Cartier Calibre W7100039 Watch Review

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Written by: Aidan Noda

Cartier Calibre w7100039 watch face

The Romans were luxurious and you can be too with this watch

For the individual that wants the best. Cartier has done it once again with their amazing new watch creation the Cartier Calibre w7100039.  This timepiece like many other Cartier timepieces is a symbol of luxury and style. There are no better watch makers than Cartier and if you love quality then you will definitely appreciate this new addition to the world of accessories.

Cartier designed this timepiece for the individual that wants a simple classic design that will not age with them. The individual that buys this timepiece will be able to keep it for years without having to switch to a new one. This watch has a design that will stay stylish even though fads come and go, very quickly in our time. The Calibre will be the go to accessory for many individuals who desire to improve their style just a little bit this season.

This watch features analog watch movement. The lack of a digital watch face creates an air of class and reminds the people surrounding the wearer of a simpler time. Cartier watches evoke a feeling of nostalgia from a time long gone where watchmakers used to frequent streets. The watchmakers of the old days may be gone, but their methods live on in this classy timepiece.

Back of the Cartier Calibre w7100039

The silver of the watch have a certain elegance to it

Amazingly, you can see all the inner magic workings of the watch by viewing the back of the Calibre. Cartier puts a lot of hard work into each piece sold and it is shown by how they let the wearer see the mechanics of their watch. This can guarantee that you will always have smooth watch movement, because it is so easy to follow along. Everyone around you will be able to see how well your new timepiece moves along.

The watch features a very simple brown alligator strap. It is one that will match many different outfits with ease. The inside of the watch face utilizes Roman numerals. This also evokes a feeling of nostalgia and will make you look much more sophisticated than the average person. The watch also features an indicator for the date at the 3 o’clock mark.

This timepiece is also water resistant for up to 30 meters or 100 feet. This means that you won’t have to take off this timepiece ever again, unless you go diving somewhere adventurous. The watch face is also protected by sapphire crystals, which will offer a great deal of scratch resistance. This will ensure that you will be able to have this watch for many years to come.

The Calibre would be an excellent addition to your watch collection. You will find a timeless work of time keeping in this device. The sapphire crown will impress all of your coworkers and friends. This watch will keep its value over time and would be a great investment for any who is willing to spend the time on it.

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