02 Feb 2012

Cartier La Dona Ladies Luxury Watch WE601009 Review

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By Lindsay Karzon

If you are looking for a unique, charming watch the ethereal beauty of the Cartier La Dona WE601009 ladies luxury watch is sure to catch your eye. Its attractive design combined with high functionality makes this timepiece highly desirable. Suitable for any fancy occasion, this enchanting adornment is likely to allure many gazes.

Exterior Features: The enthralling exterior of the La Dona WE601009 is eloquently pleasing. A multitude of dreamy diamonds is finely set, creating an almost surreal border around the bezel. Inside the silver dial, large black roman numerals add a refined stature. The size of the numerals and the contrast between the black and silver colors make it easy to view the time with a quick glimpse. One drawback of the dial is that the hands are relatively small which makes it difficult to read the time. While larger hands might make the ease of viewing the time more ideal, they would also detract from the beauty of the dial. The scratch resistant sapphire crystal and solid case back ensure that the internal workings of the watch are well protected. Both the case and bracelet are 18-karat white gold and blend in harmony with the silver colored dial. The half-moon shaped crescent arrays on the bracelet constitute an exquisitely designed pattern.  Mesmerizing to the eye, all of these adorable La Dona features put together make for an ornate treasure.

Interior Features: The internal workings of the La Dona are equally impressive. The fine quartz movement ensures precision and accuracy of the time. Water resistant up to 30 meters, it’s not so delicate that it can’t get wet.

Alternative Models: If you love the style of the La Dona WE601009, but prefer yellow gold, then you might like the La Dona WE601010. If pink gold strikes your fancy, then the La Dona WE601011 is a great option. At $28, 200 both of these models are also less expensive than the La Dona WE601009 featured in this review that is selling for as high as $30,100 U.S. retail price. However, if you shop online, you can find discounted prices or purchase a replica for a lower cost. One drawback of the watches featured in this review is that they are all size small. If you have a large wrist, you will likely need to look at other alternatives. However, if the La Dona WE601009 is your size, it is truly a lovely and elegant prize.

Image of the Cartier La Dona yellow gold watch WE601010

Similar in style, but with yellow gold the Cartier La Dona WE601010 is an alternative model. (Image from: www.luxnile.com, retrieved January 28, 2012)



Image of the Cartier La Dona pink gold watch WE601011

If pink gold is preferable, the Cartier La Dona WE601011 is a fasionable choice. (Image from: www.luxnile.com, retrieved January 28, 2012)

  • Finely set diamonds in bezel
  • Beautiful 18-karat white gold bracelet
  • Exquisite crescent pattern on bracelet
  • Large Roman numerals make reading time easy
  • Scratch Resistant sapphire crystal case


  • Size Small
  • Small hour hands make it difficult to read the time
  • Expensive
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