26 Nov 2011

Cartier La Dona W6400256 Ladies Gold Watch

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Picture of W6400256

The new La Dona Ladies Watch plays with the idea of perspective in this unique clock face.

Written By: Kaelyn Harding

The Cartier brand does what high-fashion should do with their products, which is to find new and daring ways to test the limits of their product designs. If, like many of us, you are excited to see new innovations in design and fashion, then the new La Dona W6400256 Ladies Gold Watch by Cartier is a fine piece to consider.

This La Dona model is playful to the core. With a charming red, yellow, and blue color scheme, one thinks of the innocent days of crayons and and coloring books. The rich, 18 karat gold frame and buckle give the watch a bright and luxurious feel. The clock face is marked with roman numerals beneath a sapphire-crystal cover that is both scratch-resistant and water resistant up to a hundred feet. With a tapering frame, the W6400256 creates the illusion of warping with perspective with its broader base and slender top. Sword-shaped blue hands stand apart from the luminous white clock. All of this is contrasted with the red leather, adjustable band that will make a bold and brash statement on any wrist.

This Cartier watch comes with a three year warranty – a promise of quality and customer satisfaction. Additionally, all Cartier watches come with lifetime battery replacement so that the investment you made will never truly go out of style (or out of production).  With no chain links to pinch sensitive skin or hairs, it promises to be the epitome of both comfort and style.

One of the primary drawbacks of this Cartier La Dona is that the leather band, being leather, will eventually dry out and potentially crack. This is something that can neither be repaired or truly prevented save for being sure not to put undue stress upon the band. If one should snap or tear, the only fix would be to replace it entirely. This can be both costly and time-consuming, especially if it is beyond the allotted time of your warranty.

For the money-conscious consumer, Cartier may not be the brand you are looking for. It is rare that any of their watches cost less than $4,000 upon their release. In the case of the W6400256, the starting price is  a hefty $7,750. In some stores, especially online markets, the price can dip down into the $6,000’s, but there is a peace of mind that comes from purchasing a product directly from the manufacturer.

Despite what reservations you may have about purchasing the W6400256, this is, of course, a piece of high-quality merchandise that has been the talk of the town since it hit the market.

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