31 Jan 2012

Cartier La Dona WE600651 Ladies 18K Gold Watch Review

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Reviewed By: Amy Moolten

Retailing at $17,275, this overpriced Cartier La Dona WE600651 ladies watch highlights a Roman numeral silver guilloche dial face encircled by a set of 18K gold-encased, authentic diamonds that are painfully upstaged by a tacky burgundy crocodile-patterned leather strap. While I am not a professional watch collector, as a seasoned high-end comparative shopper, I find this Cartier La Dona cheap looking save for obvious Cartier brand name recognition. The Cartier La Dona WE600651 ladies watch is pricier than it appears and, therefore, far from a bargain. As a longtime value shopper and brand snob, I prefer authentic, inexpensive, high-end, brand-name alternatives which appear deceptively expensive, making them an obvious good buy.  Were I open to spending north $15,000 for a brand-name ladies watch, I would still expect more from a watch in this price range.

The up-shot of this overpriced eye sore is the high quality of materials with which it is made, the signature Cartier Roman numeral face which offers distinction, and the quality Swiss quartz movement. Additionally, the Cartier La Dona WE600651 hails from the high quality Cartier brand family which offers premier repair service. If this watch appeals to you, there are a number of online sellers willing to part with it for $4000 or more below the retail price. All that said you can do better than the Cartier La Dona WE600651 in this price range. Retailing for only $1,000 more, you can purchase the comparably functional, yet surpassingly eye-catching, Cartier La Dona WE600351 ladies watch which sports a fashionable pink leather band. It thus offers a lighter palette overall which draws more attention to the diamonds surrounding the face.

Ultimately, my best advice is not to bother with this purchase. If price is a non-issue, look into the Cartier La Dona WE6003MX ladies watch drenched in Diamonds for $60,000 (online) – $82,000 (retail) or the silver La Dona WE601009 for $25,000 (online) – $30,000 (retail) offering a similarly styled, diamond-encircled face, a classier look, more shine and sparkle, and comparable features. If you can live without diamonds or prefer a subtler style, you can pay a tad less for a diamond-less Hublot (or significantly less for a Gucci) while retaining your right to brand-name bragging and compliments. Simply put, in the $15,000 – $20,000 range, you can do better than the Cartier WE600651 La Dona ladies watch. Whether you’re a diamondista springing for bling or a high-end watch lover who prefers a modest statement, make your purchase count. Do your homework, splurge for the best on the market, and find yourself a fair-priced, distinctive, classy, high-end standout that works for you.

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