22 May 2012

Cartier La Dona Womens Watch WE600251 Review

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The Persistance of Memory

The Persistance of Memory

by Erin Brogan

Spice up your fall wardrobe with the red-toned Cartier La Dona Womens Watch WE600251.


  • Diamond bezel
  • Shape
  • Diamond crown
  • Red alligator leather
  • Quartz movement
  • 18k gold
  • Scratch-resistant crystal
  • Adjustable strap

Stare down at the watch. What do you see first? Perhaps the oblique shape of the case first catches your eye. It takes on a bloated rectangular look straight out of a painting like the Persistence of Memory.

Your eyes are then drawn to the bright, shining red bracelet. It has a crocodile pattern and feels like it could be classified in the burnt colors, such as burnt red. The clasp on the back is adjustable and made from 18k yellow gold.

Diamonds sparkle the entire length around the numerals, keeping to the confines of the tactical 18k yellow-gold bezel. Another diamond just outward from the crown. Inside the golden bezel is a scratch-resistant crystal. Big adieu to those typical cat scratches you’ve gotten used to.

Inside is a beautifully polished, shining silver dial. It contrasts nicely against the black numbering system and centered, black, square minute reader. The tiny black hands point directly at the hour or minute, and you only have to worry about resetting it occasionally. This is based on the watches Quartz movement following.


  • Numerals
  • Water resistant only 30m/100ft
  • Price

The price tag on this riveting red timepiece totals $24,475. This is a rather steep price to pay, but you are rewarded with real diamonds and gold. It evens itself out.

Cartier La Dona Watch

Cartier La Dona Womens Watch

Water-resistancy on a watch is a great feature to have, so we can take our new timepiece for a swim. Correct?

Unfortunately, this watch is only water-resistant up to 30m/100ft. This means it is sufficient for everyday tears, coffee splashes and puddle-jumping. It is not okay to wear in the shower.

The dial displays beautiful balloon-like roman numerals varying in size and shape as they circle around the square corners. Unfortunately, these black numbers are hard to read at a glance. The hands are so small, you may even miss the actual time. But if it is fashion you aim for, this watch says it all. You will not be disappointed if you choose to purchase the womens Cartier La Dona Watch WE600251 timepiece.

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