29 May 2012

Cartier Men’s Santos 100 W20071Y1

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by Jerrica Tisdale

Are you a man that cares about showcasing his style? Do you want a watch that you can pass down from generation to generation? Do you like luxury, but still want it to be masked in a cloth of simplicity?Then try the Cartier Santos 100 W20071Y1, it has all these qualities.

Cartier watches signifies luxury and extravagance. People continue to support and buy Cartier because they know it’s dependable for quality and assurance. There are few brands with  a name as respected as Cartier. So it’s a condemnable choice for a great timepiece.

The Santos 100 W20071Y1, pricing for about $23,525.00 at most retailers,is a watch worth every penny.Some of the features of this exquisite watch are:

    • Crystal sapphire scratch resistant clock case
    • Water resistant for 100 meters (330 feet)
    • Brown Leather strap with crocodile patterns
    • Two year warranty
    • Some extra cool features are the Roman numeral time, it’s Swiss made, and the 18K Yellow Gold Octagonal Crown set with Faceted Sapphire.
Santos 100 W20071Y1

Cartier Santos 100 W20071Y1 glitters in gold

Santos 100 W20072X7

Cartier Santos 100 W20072X7 shines in silver

If you are not completely sure about the Cartier Santos 100 W20071Y1, but like the overall design then there are a couple alternatives to this piece. One is the Cartier Santos 100 W20072X7. The two watches have a lot in common, such as 100 meters water resistant, Roman numeral clock, a combination of gold and steel, and the leather strap. The two are really similar, with only two glaring differences. There is more silver on the W20072X7 and more gold on the W20071Y1. They also differ in price. As previously stated, the W20071Y1 costs $23,525 and the W20072X7 costs $9,050 at many major retailers. That is a really big price difference, so if you want a watch with less gold, and not as big of a price tag, then you really want to consider the W20072X7. But if not, then the W20071Y1 is probably for you.

No matter how perfect a watch seems there are always some flaws that need to be addressed.


  • It looks expensive but the gold does not make it look showy, like some watches
  • It has the feel of a classic watch you’d pass down from generation to generation


  • There are other watches that have similar functions and look a lot like it, which cost much less
  • The straps do not look like they’ll be durable over long extended periods of wear

The Cartier Santos 100 W20071Y1 will really leave a lasting impression on anyone that sets their eyes on it.  It’s expensive looking without being overpowering in appearance. I am usually not a fan of watches that have a lot of gold and diamonds. But I like how the gold shines in a cool way, and set with the leather strap it is unusual and not necessarily too luxurious. It seems like something even the most masculine man would enjoy. The only real glaring negative is that Cartier made very similar pieces for much less, and the gold does not seem that necessary. So it does not seem wise to pick it over less expensive versions of this watch. But if you really want a watch almost completely covered in gold, but still want to retain masculinity, I would say this is a good option and you can get it at WatchesOnNet.com.

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