22 May 2012

Cartier Miss Pasha Womens Watch WJ124015 Review

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by Erin Brogan

With a name like Miss Pasha, you can expect, like Miss Piggy does, to be adorned in only the finest quality clothing and jewelry. Cartier Miss Pasha Womens watch WJ124015 includes just the right amount of style and class to your wardrobe.


  • 18k gold
  • Diamond crown
  • Luminescent markers
  • Swiss
  • Water-resistant
  • Quartz movement
  • Quarter-sized
  • Legible

This particular Cartier analog timepiece is made from 18k yellow gold. A sleek casing extends upward where it meets the crystal. The dial is of a lovely silvered opaline displaying the Cartier brand name in the top center. Around the middle of the round dial, a black-notched square represents the minutes ticking away on the stainless steel, blued, luminescent minute and hour hands. The hour hands reach out towards four visibly legible numbers: three, six, nine and twelve. The other eight numerals have been replaced by sparkling diamonds. Off to the side, the crown is latched down to protect the one diamond it traps in.

Straps have been replaced by a chain link bracelet encompassing the circumference of your wrist. Each golden link resembles a H pattern linking to the next. These are strapped tightly to the case to allow you to feel confident the bracelet will not break off.

Every day stains and rains beware. This timepiece is water-resistant for up to 30m/100ft. Inside the case is a machine, hard at work to read you an accurate time. Swiss-made, the quartz movement powers this wristwatch with 1/15th of a second accuracy ratings. And the best part yet, it the case is just a few hairs larger than the radius of a quarter.

Miss Piggy at the 2012 Oscars

Fashionable Miss Piggy at the 2012 Oscars


  • Pricey
  • Chain-link
  • Not water-proof
  • No calendar
  • Manly

Unfortunately, the small size of this watch still does not take away from the dad’s-greatest-timepiece he wore to every occasion. Be it a formal business meeting or as Santa for the neighbor’s kid, his watch was always big and bulky. This same linked watch has gone feminine by adding diamonds and deducing the overall size.

Starting list prices for this watch begins at $22,000, a steep price for such a simple, monogamous watch. It is not much off from the typical Cartier watch, and the stylish piece is adorned in sparkly diamonds, so it is worth the price if you’ve done your homework.

As a chain link fence snags your pants when you climb over, the Miss Pasha watch’s bracelet snags at your arm hair with every move. There is no calendar on display or second hands to get a really accurate reading of the correct time.

Also, the watch is water-resistant, but it is not water-proof. Do not attempt to bring this with you on a day beach trip where you end up on a kayak. It will only ruin the watch and its capabilities to laugh.

Representing the Oscars 2012, Miss Piggy fashioned herself across most beauty magazines across the country. Now you too can sporting the womens Cartier Miss Pasha WJ124015, they are available at WatchesOnNet.com.

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