30 Nov 2011

Cartier Pasha XL W3109255 Men’s Watch

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Picture of Cartier Pasha 42 W3109255

The cobalt blue clock hands are a signature trend in Cartier watches.

Written By: Kaelyn Harding

Gentlemen, if you are a fan of the simplistic, yet sophisticated, then take a look at Cartier’s new Pasha XL W3109255 Men’s Watch. Sometimes the simplest designs are the best and with a little flare, they can become the star of your wardrobe – this is one of those investments that could easily be worth the price tag.

Equipped with the usual sapphire-crystal cover, which is scratch and water resistant, this Pasha model is up to date with the latest in quality materials. The casing is opalescent steel. The watch’s wristband is black, crocodile-printed leather which ends in an easy to latch deployment buckle. A new feature we see in the W3109255 is the addition of the sophisticated day/night disk, which sits in the square guilloche of the clock face. It tracks the sun and moon through the sky, changing positions on your watch in time to the hour. This clever feature is offset by the traditional day/date disk above the guilloche. Nestled in the crown knob of this lovely timepiece is a synthetic cabochon sapphire, polished to catch the light and match the trademark blue Cartier clock hands. Where Cartier has never been avid about precious gemstones in their work, the sapphire is a luxurious and fantastic inclusion. 

Like most Cartier products, this watch comes with a three year warranty in the case of damage or breakage. The stainless steel will prevent tarnishes from devaluing your W3109255. The leather strap is adjustable and trendy, easily matched with just about any piece of clothing both formal and informal.

A drawback of this particular watch will always be the leather strap. Leather has an unfortunate tendency to dry itself out and crack or rip. This is an unavoidable consequence of having a high-quality metal watch and then material for the band. Stress points tend to form around the buckle and the places where the clock hooks with the band. your best bet for keeping the W3109255 in its best shape is to avoid humidity and overworking your band.

So far as prices go with this Pasha model, $8,950 is the retail value of this watch – almost a solid 9k. In this case, it is understandable when you consider the new mechanics involved in this watch and the sapphire crown piece. It’s certainly not a price-tag for the faint of bank account, but for those that decide to purchase the W3109255, rest assured that you have picked up an impressive and handsome piece of the fashion world.









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