29 Nov 2011

Cartier Roadster W62031Y4 Men’s Gold and Steel Watch

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Image of Cartier Roadster W62031Y4

Like several other models in Cartier's newest release, the italic tilt of the roman numerals create a sense of fluidity around the face of the clock.

Written By: Kaelyn Harding

Looking for a sleek and fashionable watch to match your tuxedo? Have you ever wanted to go out for a night on the town and know for certain that every inch of you looks its best? The Cartier Roadster W62031Y4 Men’s Gold and Steel Watch may be a worthwhile investment for your wardrobe.

Just a glance at the W62031Y4 and it becomes clear why this dapper little wrist watch would suit any of your more formal occasions. The clock is rimmed with 18 karat gold and accent links. A sapphire-crystal cover protects the steel hands and mechanisms from water and is also scratch-resistant, so accidentally marring your investment is very difficult. The watch fastens with a simple deployment latch and the wide links in the watch’s band make pinching and catching far less likely. This Roadster features a small day dial and the brushed steel that makes the silver portions of the watch resist smudging and grime that polished metals can easily acquire.

This Cartier watch comes with a three year warranty as well as a free wrist fitting to ensure maximum comfort from your timepiece. There is also a complimentary lifetime battery-replacement assurance. From clasp to clock, the W62031Y4 is a well-balanced and handsome watch.

Where we reach a gray zone on the functionality of this piece is, as usual, the price tag. This Roadster model starts off at a staggering $8,700. Because this is a very efficient and high-quality model, the lowest prices have dropped for this piece is only $7,750 through third-party retailers. As some will say, there is no price too high for a brand name accessory. For those of us with budgets, this is not the case. because this is a popular watch the prices are not going to drop quickly for the W62031Y4. My advice, gentlemen, is that if you do not absolutely have your heart set on this exact model, look at some similar ones on the Cartier website and select something that will take less of a bit out of your funds. All of Cartier’s products are luxurious and will last  for  a long while.

Perhaps one small drawback of the watch is that the deployment clasp can give people trouble. It is an easy way to get the watch on and off, but it is also a somewhat bendable metal frame. It if becomes dented or damaged there is absolutely nothing you will be able to do to fix it. It will require professional work to repair. But other than that, the watch is high-grade material and has very little poor feedback, which contributes to its high price.

If you are a fashion purist and price is no obstacle, get in on this tasty trend. If you need your spare change, look elsewhere.

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