02 Feb 2012

Cartier Santos Dumont Mens Watch W2006951 Review

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Written by Joshua Dhyani

Cartier makes some very classy watches. I would refer to these, not as “men’s watches,” but more as “gentlemen’s watches.” Indeed, Cartier is the taste of many a refined gentleman. The Cartier Santos Dumont Mens Watch W2006951 is no exception to the trend as it boasts elegant and classic features that have a certain distinguished quality to them.

On the shape of the watch, it has a square face with an exquisite leather alligator style bracelet. The overall effect of this is a contrast to the metallic nature of most watches and allows this watch to have a more earthy and natural look and feel to it. This is enhanced by the roman hour makers arranged around the face of the watch. It gives the timepeiece an ancient feel, as f part of some long standing and respectable tradition. And such a feeling is not far from the truth. In 1904, the prototype for this watch was given to the Brazilian pioneer aviator, Santos-Dumot, hence the name of the collection. The namesake for the watch is fitting as it evokes feeling of a refined and beguiling adventuresome man of old. It in fact reminds me of the most interesting man from those beer commercials. I am pretty sure he would wear a watch like this. Furthermore, a gentleman is never without his trusty sword. That is why this watch comes with sword shaped black oxidized steel hands. Perhaps this is the most interesting watch in the world.

The natural feel of this watch doesn’t mean it is dowdy however. There is an 18kt pink gold case as well as octagonal crown with The case, octagonal crown, and buckle all are 18kt pink gold–how very refreshing. The octagonal crown also boasts a sapphire set into it. Speaking of sapphire, the sapphire crystal is scratch resistant and the watch is water resistant to 30 meters–talk about durable. A rhodium plated dial and mechanical movement with manual winding top out the list of specs for this piece.

Now, the case is about 44.6×34.6 mm which makes it quite large. Coupled with the big roman numerals this watch is easier to read than the back of a cereal box. However, if you have petite feature than perhaps this is not the watch for you. But, if you are a refined gentleman like Ernest Hemingway, Theodore Roosevelt, or the guy from the beer commercials, then this is the perfect watch for you.

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