02 Jul 2012

Cartier Santos Dumont W2008751 Men’s Watch Review

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Written by: KC Moore

The Cartier Santos Dumont W2008751 men’s watch is the answer for anyone who finds themselves wondering if they will ever find a watch that is equal in both style and elegance.

This timepiece is made from some of the finest materials available like the 18K yellow gold case and the alligator bracelet strap with an 18K gold deployment buckle clasp. The dial color is silver with Roman Numerals used to show the time. The dial is covered with the ultra scratch resistant sapphire that is the most expensive, durable watch cover you can have. This watch is beautifully made and so classic it could fit perfectly into any scenario, whether you want it to wear for work, going to dinner with friends or all around, every day use.  This is the sort of watch that matches everything you own and takes some of the guess work out of getting ready every morning.


  • High Quality
  • Beautiful, Classic Design
  • Water Resistant up to 30 meters
  • Brand Name
  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • Alligator skin
  • Scratch Resistant Sapphire

I’m going to be honest in saying how much I love this watch.  It’s so wonderfully made and the classic design insures that not only will it never go out of style, it will prove to be a leader in fashionable accessories for years to come.  It’s made from the highest quality materials that you can trust to make sure your watch stands the test of time and doesn’t wear out before you’re ready to move on and give it up.   Many watches are water resistant up to 100 meters, and while the Cartier Santos Dumont W2008751 men’s timepiece is only water resistant up to 30 meters, that still leaves the wearer with the ability to wear it in the rain, when you’re washing your hands or even swimming for a short time.


  • Not vegan or vegetarian friendly
  • No date display
  • Price ($13,400)
  • Not many extra features

I think the biggest flaw in this watch is that the alligator band insures that it isn’t vegan or vegetarian friendly. Though, if you’re not vegan or vegetarian that concern doesn’t really apply.  This timepiece is so simply designed that it doesn’t have some of the extra features that other watches do, like a date or depth display.  This could be a drawback for someone that is looking for their watch to have those bonus attributes, but it’s not having those things that makes this watch look so sleek.  The choice between the extra features and the simple style is one each buyer will have to make on their own, since it’s so dependent on personal preference.

I think the Cartier Santos Dumont W2008751 men’s watch is perfect for a man that wants to invest a large sum of money into a truly fantastic timepiece that is all but guaranteed to retain not only its value, but its style as well.

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