14 May 2012

Cartier Santos-Dumont W2009451 Watch Review

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by Erin Brogan

Free your inner diamond-encrusted cheetah and truly exemplify your social status with the Cartier Santos-Dumont W2009451 Timekeeper.

Whether you frequent a long evening gown draping in candy apple red like the woman in Cartier’s Academy award-worthy commercial, or if you are more of the silk tie, cuff link, suit wearer, this watch is made for you. It is produced as unisex, allowing for a sales increase of this Swiss made beauty by opening up purchase to a larger audience: men and women.

Bill Clinton in Cartier

Bill Clinton wearing Cartier

This sleek watch is cased in a polished, solid 18k white gold. The entire square case measures 38.5mmx30.3mm in diameter with a thickness of 5.38mm. Basically, your wrist will be sheathed with a petite fashion statement. Along the right-side of the case, the heptagonal crown is capped in the center with a black sapphire gem cabochon. The glass crystal defies most fingerprints with its water-resistant, hefty sapphire material. The resistance to water allows for up to 30m, or basically for everyday spills and light rain.

Under the crystal lies a lustrous silver dial. Large, black, uniform roman numerals align the bezel along the top and form an inner square of black markers notching the hands to each numeral. The center extends the black oxidized, steel hands indicating the time. Finally, the dial also models the Cartier brand in the top center of the inner square.

The bracelet that affixes this timekeeper to your wrist is adjustable in size using a fold-over clasp molded from genuine 18k gold. The strap is made from alligator/crocodile like leather material in basic matte black with a sheen finish.

Bill Clinton has been photographed modeling a slight variation of this timepiece. Justin Timberlake can be found with Mila Kunis at the MTV Award Show wearing this Cartier gem. The list price for the Cartier Santos-Dumont W2009451 Timekeeper runs at about $12,600 which is generally on the lower end for such a quality, high-end, brand-name wristwatch that will give you presidential status.

This timepiece uses the Cartier caliber 690 quartz movement. Accuracy rates on this frequency of 215 cycles per second have been warranted long-term. In other words, your watch will gain or lose 15 seconds every 30 days.

That might be why the makers of this watch chose to eliminate the second hand entirely. There are only two extended arms on this clock, an hour and a minute hand.

Quartz Movement

Example of a Quartz Movement

One other slight downfall to this designer specimen is it is only water-proof for everyday use. If you are a frequent beach-comber, pool-goer or scuba diver, you may want to look elsewhere for a sturdier, underwater wristwatch that can withstand your favorite hobby.

Tame your ever searching, majestic soul with a luxurious accessory which will define you. This Cartier Santos-Dumont W2009451 version is for those of you who can look past the multifunctional, elaborate, jumbo timepieces for a simpler way of keeping time.

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