31 Jan 2012

Cartier Tank Americaine Mens Watch W2609156 Review

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Get yourself some class, with this super classy watch from the Cartier Tank Americaine selection, or should I say seleccione. The Cartier Tank Americaine Mens Watch W2609156 is the type of watch a man wears while he sits in his favorite chair, smoking a pipe, next to the bear skin rug and dimly lit fireplace as he looks back on his accomplishments. If you are sitting in your favorite chair right now, then this might be for you or if you have say an old-fashioned pipe or a bear skin rug, then like-wise this could be the timepiece for you.

The Cartier Tank Americaine Mens Watch W2609156 features a brown leather strap with a crocodile pattern. It may be reminiscent of your trip to the amazon where you bagged your own gator. Then again, maybe not. But perhaps it is, and you want to swap out the leather for some you took from a trophy kill personally, the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless. Moving past the band, the buckle is gold. Or a better less awkward way to describe it is an 18kt gold buckle. Maybe you have an 18kt gold buckle that you use to hold up your pants. And while your holding up your pants with gold you want to look at the time on your wrist and you want that time to be set in gold, because these are your golden years. Bam. Done. Did somebody say 18kt rose gold face? I did and this watch has it. Simply stunning. We got a sapphire crystal scratch resistant surface and water resistance to 100 feet. If you can dive more than 100 feet you don’t need a watch you need a handshake, because that is pretty impressive. The dial is completely classic invoking the ancient societies with its roman numeral silver grained style. Oh so elegant and classy.

Some of the cooler specs include the crown which is an octagon with 18 kt gold and a blue sapphire cabochon, which is pretty neat. The watch also feature self-winding automatic movement, because you have enough to worry about in life as is. Let yourself be well-assured you’ll be on time.

If you are looking for a very sophisticated watch, that any gentleman would be proud to wear and own, then this watch is for you.

If you do not want a classic style and are looking for something shiny then get off my lawn and find one of those bling pieces the kids are talking about because this isn’t it.

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