02 Jul 2010

Cartier Tank Françoise Is A Historic, Lasting Timepiece

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An early version of the Cartier Tank Françoise, first created in 1917

Inspired in 1917 by military tanks, Louis Cartier created the amazing Tank timepiece, which has become one of Cartier’s most famous and popular lines still going strong today.

In the battle of the Western Front there was a new machine being used called the Renault tank.  Cartier ran with the design and gave the first version of it to General John Pershing of the American Expeditionary Force.  The Cartier Tank Françoise watch was born.

The shape of the early Cartier Tank watches was a combination of a square and a rectangle made from solid stainless steel as rugged as the tank machines of its day.  The class face of the watch contained Roman numerals and blue sword shaped hands, which is still prevalent in the Tank series of today.

Another signature mechanism on the historic Tank Françoise timepiece is the self winding crown, which is topped with blue sapphire.  Today the Tank watch has evolved into over thirty different varieties, many of which contain diamonds.  Cartier produces automatic and quartz movement Tank timepieces for both men and women.

The Cartier Tank Françoise is still a popular seller at Cartier, with its latest design in 1996.  You can still wear a timepiece that is very similar to the original version of 1917.

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