07 Feb 2012

Cartier Tank Solo Quartz Watch W5200000 Review

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My ideal Valentine’s Day gift is a pink alligator print wrist band along with a shiny square box on top to display time.  It’s the Cartier Tank Solo Quartz Watch W5200000. This timepiece displays the time on a sapphire background that is an eye grabbing color. By wearing this watch around my wrist, I will be sure to stay on time for our dates and it goes perfectly well with all my clothing. It offers a unique look because it has blue hands against a pink background. The watch represents my wild personality and brings out the fieriness in my wardrobe.
I know us women have accidents and most of us have dropped jewelry down the sink. However, this Cartier watch is water resistant up to 30 meters. Another reason this is my ideal watch is because it is scratch resistant so it will maintain its flawless look. It will fit perfectly around any size wrist because it has an adjustable wrist band. The watch has a leather wrist band with crocodile print in the color pink and at them same time offers durability. This watch is sure to last for years to come just like our relationship has :).
P.S I found out where my boyfriend can find my dream watch at an affordable price. (You think I should forward the website to him?) You can buy Cartier watches online at WatchesOnNet.com – They offer great deals. For example, the Must 21 Chronograph Automatic Men’s watch retails for 3,950 dollars but on Watchesonnet.com you will save 12 percent which is also $471 dollars off of the watch’s price. Also, the Miss Pasha Quartz women watch retails for 3,400 dollars however on the site it is 10 % off which is a savings of $343!
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