18 Jun 2012

Cartier Women’s Santos Demoiselle WF9001Y7

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by Jerrica Tisdale

The Cartier watches are the number one choice for many celebrities, athletes, and luxury watch lovers. So you may be considering one of these prestige watches. Selecting the right one requires lots of searching, reading reviews, and discovering what watch satisfies your needs.

If you’re a woman trying to find a watch that shows your exquisite style then you might want to consider the Cartier Women’s Santos Demoiselle WF9001Y7 watch.

This beautiful gold and diamond watch will capture the attention of anyone that you come across. The diamonds sparkle as the gold adds an extra glistening necessity to make this watch a piece any girl would love to wear. Besides being visually stunning, there are other great features of this watch. Here are a few:

  • Black Roman Numerals
  • Sapphire Crystal
  • 30 Meters (100 feet) water resistant
  • Hidden Deployment
  • Engraved with the Cartier imprint
Cartier Santos Demoiselle WF9003Y8

Cartier Santos Demoiselle WF9003Y8

Cartier Santos Demoiselle WF9001Y7

Even though the gold really helps accentuate this watch, for some the gold may be too much. If you rather not have a completely gold watch but really like the design then you might consider the Cartier Women’s Santos Demoiselle WF9003Y8. These two watches have nearly all the same features. The only major thing that separates the Cartier WF9001Y7 and the Cartier WF9003Y8 is one is covered completely in yellow gold and the other white gold. The white gold in the Cartier WF9003Y8 almost looks like silver, so this makes it appealing to those that like silver and white gold. Both watches are prices around the same price. The Cartier Santos Demoiselle WF9003Y8 on sale is about $29,000 dollars and the Cartier Santos Demoiselle WF9001Y7 watch for $24,600 dollars on sale. So only a couple thousand dollars separates these two watches price wise. If you love yellow gold then give the WF9001Y7 a try, or if white gold is more of your thing then don’t let the WF9003Y8 out of your sight.

You may be thinking the watch looks stunning but what are some of the drawbacks of this watch? Well here are some of the pros and cons of the Women’s Cartier Santos Demoiselle WF9001Y7 watch:


  • The watch looks expensive
  • It’s small and feminine
  • The diamonds give it an extra aesthetic feature that makes it unique from other gold watches.


  • Not many special features
  • The Roman numeral clock makes it hard to read time easily
  • Not a good choice for modest women

The Women’s Cartier Santos Demoiselle WF9001Y7 watch is a gorgeous gold dream. It’s the kind of watch any woman would love to show her friends. The only glaring negatives about this watch is it looks expensive so a woman that doesn’t like to flash her wealth might find this too showy, but if that’s not a problem for you then this watch is a gold lover’s dream.

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