09 Sep 2010

Cheap Cartier Watches!

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Genuine Cartier Watches are Worth The Price

“I love my new Cartier watch, it’s very accurate, and the price is so cheap!”  Ok, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think the words “Cartier watches” and “cheap” should be placed in the same sentence.  This is a comment from a, supposedly, satisfied customer of a Cartier replica company.  This company claims to offer the same quality and craftsmanship, as a genuine Cartier.  Do you buy it? I don’t.  These watches boast that they are made with high grade materials and offer 18 jewel movements.  What they don’t put enough emphasis on, is the fact that their movements are Japanese, not Swiss. 

The replica company notes the many accomplishments of Cartier and their famous designs, but claims that it would be outlandish to pay Cartier’s prices, when they can offer “almost” the same thing, for next to nothing.

This website has a laundry list, which you must complete if you want to return their replica watches, for any reason.  They have covered all their bases, and that’s a red flag to me. 

Look, if you appreciate quality craftsmanship and legendary design…don’t waste your money on a replica.  Save up and purchase an authentic Cartier watch, which you can wear with pride, for many years.

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