06 May 2010

How To Spot A Replica Cartier Watch

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Can you tell which Cartier is genuine and which one is not?

If you are in the market for a quality, hand crafted Cartier watch you will need to be careful to not be tempted or deceived by a look-alike and low prices.  Be aware that counterfeit pieces are often sold on the Internet, on auction sites, and at the flea market. There are a few things to consider when searching for the genuine article.

The first thing to do is to be sure the watch contains the manufacturer’s serial number either in the photo or in the description of the advertisement.  If you are purchasing the watch from a seller directly you can view the serial number, which is usually laser etched on the back of one of the lugs, or on the back of the case.  If you are unable to physically inspect the watch, ask for the serial number then contact Cartier to determine whether it is authentic.

Second, do research and familiarize yourself with the particular model of watch you are looking at.  Counterfeit versions can look very lose to the original.  You can find out this information directly from Cartier, your local Cartier watch dealer, and books at the library.  You can also do a Google search with the search term counterfeit watches and view images.  When learning about the watch model, pay special attention to the face, bracelet, clasp, and back of the watch.  You will need to develop the eye of a detective and inspect every detail of the watch.

Purchasing a genuine Cartier watch is an investment that does not come cheap.  If you are looking or have looked at counterfeit versions you should know that these watches come from underground sellers who are usually from Asia according to a CNN report.  The replicas are of poor quality and craftsmanship and do not last.  They often will fall apart and do not carry a warranty, which makes for a poor buying decision.

If you would like to purchase a genuine Cartier watch contact the manufacturer directly for authorized resellers.  This is the safest and best way to make sure you are getting a good investment and quality piece.

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