24 Jul 2010

Rotonde de Cartier Skeleton Flying Tourbillon Is A Stunning Achievement

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The Cartier skeleton design is high art along with technical achievement

This is the watch that breaks the mold with Cartier and upgrades the Rotonde series.  New for 2010 the Rotonde de Cartier Skeleton Flying Tourbillon is a unique, one of a kind creation that includes Calibre 9455 movement.

Cartier has created a unique timepiece with a modern twist on the classic Roman numerals.  The back of the watch has been removed, making the body like a skeleton.  The frame is fashioned in white gold and the hands of the Tourbillon are the signature blue color.  The backdrop of the silver tones and mechanisms finishes the industrial look of the timepiece.

The sleek design of the Rotonde de Cartier Skeleton Flying Tourbillon watch is complimented with a sapphire blue crown and genuine alligator skin for the strap.  Because this was a limited edition timepiece Cartier has only made about 100 pieces available at around $150,000 each.  The watch is certified by the Office for the Voluntary Inspection of Watches in Geneva, Switzerland.

Tourbillon is not only a timepiece that is rare, it sets higher standards in the artistic development of the modern collectable watches that will continue to move Cartier into more ground breaking watch history.

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