18 Jun 2012

The Cartier Roadster Automatic Men’s Watch W6206001 Review

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Written by: Cathy Tenzo

What’s the difference between a well-dressed man and a sartorial superstar? It’s all about the details, and the Cartier Roadster Automatic Men’s Watch W6206001 is the kind of detail that will put any man leagues ahead of his competition. It’s a limited-edition piece, too, so the next guy may never catch up. This is the watch to wear when you want to dress to impress, and you’ll love it so much that you’ll want to impress every day. It tells time, too, but you’ll be so mesmerized by its beauty that you might not even notice.


  • 18 kt rose gold case
  • Brass dial with burled walnut center and ivory-colored Roman numerals
  • 18 kt rose gold polished strap with burled walnut center links (also includes alligator strap so you can swap it out)
  • Cartier Calibre 3110 mechanical movement with automatic winding
  • Deployment clasp
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Water resistant to 100 meters/330 feet
  • Date display with magnifier
  • Limited, numbered edition
  • Retail price $39,100

The Cartier company has long been a jeweler to royalty, and you won’t be surprised when you look at this watch, because the company pays attention to their details.  This combination of metal and wood is based on roadsters, sporty little cars that drip glamour. Little things add up to the total sophistication of this piece, such as the burled walnut in the strap and in the center of the dial. The ivory-colored Roman numerals stand out on the background of radiating rings which are a distinctive feature of the Cartier Roadster collection, and the rose gold case adds to warmth of the overall design. The Cartier Roadster Automatic Men’s Watch W6206001 makes me think of fine clubs where gentlemen sit in leather armchairs smoking cigars and admiring the rich paneling that surrounds them. This is the very sort of watch to transport your imagination to a more elegant sphere, and several websites have already proclaimed it a highly-collectible classic.

Photo of the Cartier Roadster with Las Vegas Dial

The Cartier Roadster with Las Vegas Dial was another in this highly-collectible line of luxury watches.

While this is a masterpiece of timing and design, some users may want more dials, and Roman numerals are not for everybody. There’s a reason that Arabic numerals are used for most applications, and that’s because they’re easier to read. Like all quality metal watches, this watch can be a little heavy, so you’ll have to get used to having a substantial piece of jewelry around your wrist. If you like the Roadster styling, but want something with a faster, more modern look, you might look for a Cartier Roadster with the Las Vegas Dial. This watch is sometimes available on sites like eBay, and was another instant classic in the Roadster line. Perhaps you like the overall feel of the watch, but want something that’s an even more unusual collectible–you might try the new Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA rusted Steel T-Oxy III. This luxury Swiss firm has blackened the dials of the limited-edition watch with coal from the holds of the Titanic. It’s so exclusive you’ve got to ask for the price.

Photo of Grammy-winning artist and DJ, Paul Van Dyk

Grammy-winning artist and DJ Paul Van Dyk, showing off his Cartier Roadster

You can’t  really can’t go wrong with the Cartier Roadster Automatic Men’s Watch W6206001. At  $39,100 it’s a substantial investment, but it’s also an instant classic that’s already getting harder to find. This timepiece should only increase in value, and you’d be buying from a company with a reputation for fine watches that last generations. This is a watch that will remind you that you’ve made it, and it will impress upon others that you are a man of style and distinction.

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