19 Nov 2011

Cartier Roadster Steel W62048V3 Watch Review

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Written by Andrew Hilbert

An image of the Cartier Roadster Steel W62048V3 watch

The Cartier Roadster Steel W62048V3

The Cartier Roadster Steel W62048V3 men’s watch is an elegant and luxurious addition to any suit you match with it. Cartier is known for creating masterpiece timepieces but this particular Roadster is in a class of its own. Its roman numerals backed by an elegant blue dial and a stainless steel band will have you feeling great every time you stop to check the time. You may find yourself checking more often than you used to.

This watch retails at $5,300 US but when I did a quick search on Google I found some significant discounts. Unfortunately, Amazon does not sell the W62048V3 model of the Cartier Roadster but websites such as watchesonnet.com have it discounted to $4,767. Any sort of discount is nice on any watch but this watch is worth every red cent.

This watch features a stainless steel link bracelet with a blue sunray dial. As mentioned before, it has Roman numerals that add a layer of elegance to an already luxurious watch. The hands are luminous so it’s easier to read in dark and dimly lit areas; you will never be straining or squinting for the time! The date is magnified and displayed at the three o’clock position and the watch is self-winding with automatic movement. It is also nice to know that the watch is water resistant up to one hundred meters in case you accidentally fall into a pond or something like that but I would not be the one to swim Olympic style or take it to the beach to test its limits. It’s just not that kind of watch!

In 1847 Louis Fracois Cartier took over the workshop of a master jewelry craftsman in France and in 1856 made a sale to the niece of Napoleon, Princess Mathilde. Not long after in 1859, Empress Eugenie became a customer of Cartier. Since the very beginning of Cartier’s history, finely crafted jewelry has been its marquee and it is no different for Cartier’s watches. Throughout Cartier’s history, jewelry crafted that is fit for royalty has been the norm but now it is not quite at the price that only families of emperors can afford. Granted, $5,300 is not chump change but if you are in the market for a watch in that price range and want a watch that is as reliable as it is elegant the Cartier Roadster Steel W62048V3 men’s watch would be a fine addition to your collection.

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