05 Aug 2011

The Cartier Roadster Ladies Watch W6206006

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Written By: Ben Miller

Among luxury designer watches, Cartier has a wide selection of quality pieces, but when it comes to variety, some are just better than others. The Cartier Roadster W6206006 is not among the cream of the crop when it comes to quality timepieces.

The Cartier Roadster Ladies Watch W6206006

These pink oversized numerals meld right into the Mother-of-Pearl dial.

Time is kept by a pair of sword-shaped hands with black extremities and luminescent white material. Around the dial are pink, luminescent Roman Numerals used to mark the hours. The numerals themselves are of varying lengths and sizes all around, being designed more for visual appeal and less for time keeping. The effect though makes the dial seem misshapen and is disorientingin appearance.

The pink numerals seem to have difficulty standing out from the Mother of Pearl backdrop, almost to the point of straining to get a good look at the face. Unlike the numerals, the Sword shaped minute and hour hands stand out clearly from the dial, providing a decent visual.

Cartier Roadster Ladies Watch with pink leather strap

The alternative leather strap adds a whole new level of pink.

The steel crown jutting from the side adds a sharp edge to the case, breaking the sleek curve of the design. The date is displayed at the 3 o’clock position and is thankfully in black, making it clear enough to see with just a glance.

Looks aside, the Roadster is quartz battery powered and is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. It is also impervious to water damage up to 300 feet.

Another redeeming feature of the W6206006 is the ability to change out bracelet straps. The stainless steel bracelet is fastened by a deployment buckle but can be purchased with an alternate pink leather bracelet. If you choose the alternate bracelet with purchase, be ready to accessorize appropriately because between the dial, the numerals and the leather bracelet, your wrist is going to appear very rosy and flush.

As the ROADSTER W6206006 suffers from no lack of pink, you’d best be sure that that is what you truly want from your watch.

For a luxury timepiece that costs up to the $5,000, this less-than-glamorous accessory had better be exactly what you want from your watch. For just the same price Cartier offers plenty of alternative designs and color schemes that don’t clash.

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