12 Jan 2012

Cartier Men’s Santos 100 Chronograph Black Dial Watch W2020005

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Written by: Aidan Noda

Cartier is a brand that evokes the words elegance, luxury, and fine quality. These timepieces are ones for sophisticated individuals. If you can afford a Cartier than you can are the type of person that doesn’t have the time to shop around. So let me save you the trouble by telling you that the┬áCartier Men’s Santos 100 Chronograph Black Dial Watch W2020005 is absolutely the most gorgeous men’s watch that I have ever seen. You will love every thing about it, I can guarantee it.

This watch was designed for the smart, smooth, sexy individual who needs a little bit more to complete their outfit. The kind of man that has the designer Italian suits, but needs a timepiece to match everything else in quality. The kind of man that desires perfection in everything he does and owns. The kind of man that does not need a timepiece to last forever, but needs its quality to stay timeless. This is the kind of guy that was made for Cartier.

Cartier Men's Santos 100 Chronograph Black Dial Watch W2020005 Dial

The front dial with the classic Roman numerals.

This timepiece is analog. There are white hands that tell the time and in the middle of the watch face are three different indicators. The watch face is grey and the strap is also a dark grey. The numbers inside the watch in the watch face are presented in bold classy Roman numerals. The numbers are presented in a white font, which makes it very easy to see against the black background of the inner watch face. In the middle of the watch is also the words Cartier branded subtly, but still very easy to read for everyone else around you to know that you don’t mess around. The inside features a very stylish and aesthetically pleasing design, which sets this timepiece apart from many other watches. Everyone around you will be impressed by the quality of your watch and the unique design it presents.

The watch itself is shaped like a square and it features antireflective-sapphire as the dial window material. This offers a great deal of scratch resistance, which is good. When you spend this much on a quality timepiece it is reassuring to know that it will not be damaged very easily. The bands material is made of calfskin, which adds the very appealing dark grey color.

The Cartier Men's W2020005

Notice the elegant grey casing

The watch is also resistant up to 330 feet, which is not an extremely impressive amount; however, it is more than enough to protect it against rain and the average water damage. You will be able to leave this timepiece on in the shower and bath, which may save you some time throughout your busy day. This watch is also a measly 5.60 ounces, which means that it will feel like it is not even on your wrist at times. This can be good as the last thing you need is more work on you throughout the day.

This timepiece would make an excellent addition to any man’s collection. However, the retail price of $11,600 may set a few people off. If you want a good quality timepiece, then this is without a doubt the best decision you will ever make. You should definitely consider saving up for this watch, because it may increase in value over time as watches this stylish are very hard to come by.

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