16 Nov 2011

Cartier Men’s W2020010 Santos 100 Titanium Watch Review

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Written by: John Parker

Some men could probably use a watch made of legendarily durable rhinoceros skin. But the rhinoceros is quite attached to its skin (and is a critically endangered animal), so they’ll have to make due with the sumptuous but dependable Cartier Men’s W2020010 Santos 100 Titanium Watch. A durable, unique (and expensive) addition to any stylish man’s wardrobe.

Cartier Men's W2020010 Santos 100 Titanium Watch

Cattier Santos 100: Casual Durability

With a case of no-nonsense two-tone steel and a titanium bezel, this watch is ready for adventures. Explore Brazil, discover a lost tribe, take up hang-gliding or, if you’re really brave, attempt some DIY carpentry. Actually, since this watch makes a striking and unforgettable impression, the W2020010 would also be an inspired choice for the company picnic or departmental retreat. This is a timepiece that asserts, “Ask me questions, sure, but don’t tell me what to do.” Want to become the boss? Buy this watch and live accordingly.

Other features of the Cartier Santos 100 include an updated, modern black dial, Swiss automatic (self-winding) movement and a comfortable and stylish cloth band. The casual cloth band makes this timepiece a killer addition to any casual look. Pair with a great pair of jeans and you’re ready to break hearts all over Los Angeles (or Paris or New York or Tokyo or Austin).


  • Gorgeous, Modern Black Dial with Roman Numerals
  • Easy-to-Read
  • Comfortable Black Fabric Band
  • Durable Titanium Construction
  • Water Resistant to 330 Feet (Diving, anyone?)
  • Lightweight (4.96 ounces)
  • Durable Deployment Clasp


  • Does not pair well with business or formal wear
  • Expense may be prohibitive ($7,750)

For those who appreciate durability and masculine, relaxed style but hunger for something a bit less industrial, Tag Heuer’s Formaul 1 WAH1110.BA0858 is a beautiful combination of luxury and practicality. And for those loyal to Cartier (as any customer should be), the King of Jewelers offers an identical watch (W20106X8) with a steel case and beautiful alligator-skin strap.

Cartier’s Santos 100 is a unique, exciting watch for a man with a busy lifestyle and no desire to spend any time time at all being unimpressive. Whether at the club, trekking through the Andes or camping with the kids, this watch proves to be beautiful and practical. However, since it does not pair well with business apparel, the Santos 100 is likely to be consigned to the select buyer who can afford to own multiple fine watches. For that consumer, the W2020010 is a fine addition to their collection.

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