21 Nov 2011

Cartier Santos 100 Steel W20126X8 Women’s Watch Review

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Written by Andrew Hilbert

An image of the Cartier Santos 100 Steel W20126X8

The Cartier Santos 100 Steel W20126X8

The Cartier Santos 100 Steel W20126X8 women’s watch has a youthfully elegant design and would be a fun watch to add to any woman’s jewelry collection. Cartier is renowned for their elegance in designing fine women’s jewelry that is as fashionable as they are tasteful and useful. Its comfortable pink leather strap fits comfortably around the wrist and will have you stopping to admire its beauty while frequently checking the time.

This watch retails at US $6000 but a quick search via Google yields some significant discounts. You can find this watch for as low as $4,725. While it is an expensive piece, its features and design may tip the balance for you towards purchasing it.

This model of the Santos 100 Steel watch features a pink leather bracelet with croco-embossing for texture. It also features a fixed stainless steel bezel. It has Roman numerals with minute markers around the inner ring with a silver dial and sword shaped hands that add to its distinctive design of class. The leather strap with a fold under deployment clasp allows for easy adjustment on different sized wrists. This watch is water resistant up to 100 meters (or 330 feet) and has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal so it can hold up to some roughness.

To know Cartier’s history is to know Cartier’s dedication to fine jewelry. Since Cartier’s inception, finely crafted jewelry has been its marquee. With a wide range of royal customers, Cartier had to dedicate itself to bringing the finest designs to the public. Cartier even became the official purveyor of jewelry to King Edward VII of England in 1904. While this bit of historical information may be irrelevant in particular to this watch, it does provide some insight into the way that Cartier crafts and views watches. Cartier is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence for watches as both timepieces and as jewelry. Their watches are practical and elegant.

At such a high price, though, a pink strap limits where it can be worn and does not convey the quiet elegance Cartier is known for. It is more of a fun watch for a woman looking to add some distinction to a casual timepiece.

The price may put many people out of the market for this watch which really is this watch’s main sticking point besides its pink strap. However, if you are looking for a fun and casual watch that conveys more class and luxury, the Cartier Santos 100 Steel W20126X8 women’s watch is a great buy.

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